Wednesday 30 December 2009

Pirates of Genius

They could never be bothered to build their own ships, but they didn’t want to. They got someone else to do the construction with all the concomitant expense of progeny and society, and then they stole the vessel and rode it to destruction. Then they stole another.

Simple Genius.

If you have ever been assaulted by Porter et al then I’ll bet like me you’ve thought Scarface and Columbian. Exemplars of the ever changing business strategy in an ever changing hostile world. Genius. Faced with imminent snuffdom which one do you think will get you out of trouble. MBA or pirate? Yes the pirate.

They’ll blitz the IQ and the EQ.

Business models all hark for easily digested simplicity, the simple tool from which to build complex candy floss worlds, though I will admit that accountancy rules allow a well suited pirate plenty of leeway. The pirate knows that the world is too complex to enrapture so the complex tool needs to be claimed and used to plunder the loot.

“So what’s this got to do with the price of sliced bread then?” I hear you ask

Crew, that’s what.

Ever wondered where the crew came from? I’ve never seen a pirate ship with a maternity ward yet. Just like Venice, UK plc has a breeding problem. The Black Pig needs new hands on deck sharpish.

Have you ever seen a pirate who is absolutist in any belief structure? No they are all contingent, relativistic and amoral. The idea the West has to get its head round is that freedom has no place on the pirate ship any more, it’s been ditched. The one legged, one eyed, parrot toting Ole Cap’n might have decide that he wants a crew of compliant serfs now that freedom has done its half millennial job of knitting together the planet.

So don’t look all surprised when you find that Sharia finance means that Sharia law has its place here. It has been done before to this country. Divine Right of Kings, Unwritten constitution, NOAHide, the pirate ship plows on no matter how choppy the waters or how much mutiny there is on the blood red decks.

If we want our freedom we’d better stop crewing the pirate ship then, hadn’t we.

Heads up.

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