Monday 7 December 2009

Red/Green caliphate.


Do you recognise yourself?

“The instructions of this plan were to identify and list any anti-Soviet "elements"; those that might pose a threat to communization and russification. These groups included: (1) Former members of legislative bodies and prominent members of political parties; (2) Army officers from the Russian Civil War (1917-1921); (3) Prosecutors, judges, and attorneys; (4) Government and municipal officials; (5) Policemen and prison officials; (6) Members of the National Guard; (7) Mayors; (8) Border and prison guards; (9) Active members of the press; (10) Active members of the farmers' union; (11) Business owners; (12) Large real estate owners; (13) Ship owners; (14) Stockholders; (15) Hoteliers and restaurateurs; (16) Members of any organization considered to be right wing; (17) Members of the White Guard; (18) Members of anti-communist organizations; (19) Relatives of any person abroad; (20) Families against whom reprisals had been taken during the Soviet regime; (21) Active members in labor unions; (22) Persons with anti-communist relatives abroad; and (23) Clergymen and active members of religious organizations.” Exile and Imprisonment Locations of the Residents of Lithuania (1941)

Soviet terror, American amnesia: there has been a striking asymmetry between the American responses to the two great mass murders of our century, the Nazi and the Soviet. Why? - Cover Story

If you think that it is all history then you are sadly mistaken.

The same perps that orchestrated the ballet of blood last century, the gyrations of gore the previous century and the stomp of slaughter this century will turn on us if we mess with their country estate.

That’s why we are left alone in general. We don’t disturb their tranquil psychopathy as they issue orders from headquarters to eliminate the greenhouse glass breakers.

Then there will be a green Wiki entry, in the Red/Green, written by their propagandist historian foundation bitchboys.

Heads up.


  1. There's some website that is supposedly there to compile the suffering of the Jews of Lithuania between the Brother Wars. I forget the site, but it was based on some book, from this American Zionist committee that travelled through Lithuania in the 1930s, making notes about "the condition of the Jews" in every town.

    All the examples of suffering and antisemitism were like this:

    "Formerly Jews owned 74% of all business in X, but now the antisemitic Lithuanans are boycotting our shops and supporting their own people."

    "The Lithuanians and Ukrainians were able to begin establishing trade in Y due to an outbreak of competition amongst the Jews. The Jewish traders were called before the Kahilla, and a rabbi ordered them to end their price wars and wage inflation."

  2. Akira I knew you were well versed but didn't expect some more good info after a quick comment on our fine musical tastes. Thanks :-)


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