Thursday 31 December 2009

Well that’s it then. Bye bye 2009 and good riddance to the noughties.

I’m out delivering coal this evening, see you all in 2010.

So here’s a couple of songs.

Auld Lang Syne

Ave Maria

HAPPY NEW YEAR chums and I hope it’s a GREAT HOGMANAY.


  1. A Swedish Auld Lang Syne is a novelty. Happy New Year, Incoming!!!!!!!!! and don't overdo the first-footing.

  2. Happy New Year incoming - here's to a better one.

    Clara x

  3. happy new year from down under ...put another leg shank on the barbie..and a decent glug of pinot...away we go...thanx for your words this year incoming!!!has been amusing, informative on a very etherial plane and terrifying..thanx again for the ride and on and in to 2010.

  4. Happy New Year, INCOMING!!!!!!!, hope the hangover isn't too bad!

  5. Thanks to all of you. The coal has gone. My scotch and wine bunkers are empty. My bonce is almost rebooted and the swearyword suppression is OFF.

    Blast shields are DOWN.

    GV, she sings like a lark doesn't she? I've gone all choral again thanks to you and scunnert. My daughter doesn't beleive that I was in a prize winning choir, long long time ago though, in a restricted class, with no other competition. She might be correct in her vocalised doubt on our school journeys when I start to sing, though I think otherwise!!!

    Polaris, glad you are back. Stick with it.

    coletteonice, you and another have made me realise that a switch is in order. How it works out will depend on my enthusiasm. I'm glad you picked up on the overall license. It may all go up its arse but that's my vibe.

    Spidey, destruction will be inevitable now that we are on this course.

  6. happy new year incoming, sorry to be delayed with well-wishes i was very busy saving humanity.

  7. AP I hope you have a great 2010. Saving humanity though can take up the sand flow.


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