Thursday 10 December 2009

I told you, didn’t I?

The UN & GGT leave a trail of destruction behind their agents.

So any place mentioned in these Wiki entries had better keep their heads down.

Episode 5

Fo Guang Shan Monastery
In the fifth episode, Boorman went to Subic Bay port to support UNICEF and took a trip in a ultralight. Due to typhoons, Boorman had to return to Manila and fly to Kaohsiung in Taiwan. There he attended the World Games 2009 including experiencing Dragon boat racing. From there he visited Fo Guang Shan Monastery, the largest Buddhist monastery in Taiwan but only forty years old. From there he went to Sinshih and visited a cricket farm before catching a bullet train to Chiayi. From there he rode in a post office truck up into the Alishan Mountains and Sheng Le Tea Farm and its Fen chi hu tea. From there he went to Meifeng where he met a group of dirt bikers who travelled across the Taroko gorge into the eastern part of Taiwan. Boorman professed the bike ride through the mountains to be the best he had ever experienced. He then went to Taipei and ascended Taipei 101 the tallest building in the world as of 2009 and the Sym motorbike factory. He visited Hua Xi street and Snake Alley and experienced dishes such as snake blood, snake penis and turtle testicles. He was then invited to an illegal bike party but the police had been tipped off and were never too far away. The leader of the party then led him to a legal drift racing track where he experienced a drift car. Boorman then caught a train to Keelung to catch a Star Cruises cruisership headed to Okinawa, Japan, experiencing a drag queen act along the way.

Episode 6
In the sixth and final episode, Boorman went to Naha, Okinawa where he learned about the Battle of Okinawa. He then went to Kagoshima, Kumamoto and onto Mount Naka, travelling through countryside he described as being "as beautiful as any I've ever seen". He stopped at the Beppu hot springs and took a mud bath before moving on to Yawatahama where he caught a train to Shikoku before catching a flamboyant deco truck in the middle of the night to Shozui. Then he went to Kobe and learned about the 1995 Kobe earthquake which had affected local bikers and then went to Kyoto and caught a bulletrain to Nagoya. There he surveyed local motorcycle and automobile customs including a tattoo artist who owned a 1923 Model T Ford and took Boorman for a ride. Boorman then took a bike to Hamamatsu before returning back west to Hiroshima where he was shocked learning about the bombing of Hiroshima and the devastation it caused to the people. He visited the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum and a peace ceremony. He then went to Yamanashi,visiting the Fuji-Q Highland theme park and experiencing the Eejanaika and later viewed Mount Fuji. He then rode into Tokyo alone on a Harley Davidson, breaking the usual custom of making the final leg with a convoy.

Heads down.

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