Sunday 20 December 2009

What to get your pet for Christmas?

It’s weird but true.

Slippers, whiskey and a smoking jacket? They’ll be off down Spearmint Hippo next.

More here.

Check this out. Total muppets and we’re not to get to hear about it.



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  2. Dammit! saw the hippo and thought I'd commented on the wrong post - here it is again:

    That's amazing! I don't recall any coverage of it anywhere in the media but the pics are so spectacular you'd think someone would have picked up on it, if only to have a good old English laugh at the French.

  3. GV we have a big problem in the West. The plan to drain us of money, wealth and vigour has succeeded. The Muppets will be back in charge with their fakiry and biggoted nonsense soon. Remember the Russ had to hand over a tribute to Genghis's decendents for centuries? Well that's how I read Copenhagen, success or failure, they'll be back again to steal more money we don't have.


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