Tuesday 22 December 2009

Big Bird

This has been wandering around for a few days.

It has a pre-programming quality that Alan Watt would recognise.

Once the storms have passed and there is a clear blue azure sky in London

The kind of sky your eyes will linger upon and drink in.

Then stay indoors, the teams are out there waiting.

Big Bird is overhead and if you are in the firing line you’ll know all about it. Big Bird needs to watch and record for the ritual nature of the wankfest means it has to be clearly scene and watched over, and over ,and over, and over come the satellites staring down in 1mm x 1mm resolution.

If it goes off when the storms are raging, that’s camouflage and it is a team on team job and you are collateral damage.

Covert In Weather Systems.


Heads up.

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