Thursday 17 December 2009


Just a question that needs to be asked again.

How come these incompetent thieving bastard rating agencies which would have rated a whale shit pile AAA and stuck the middle finger up with pile cream to ease this situation:

How come we are supposed to pay attention to incompetent gangster ganglion bitches that couldn’t bake a cake without spunking in the batter first:

How come our attention should be attracted to a bunch of cunts who could not rate my biggest eggy sprout rancid mung bean minger weapons grade after fart:

How come these fools are still in business telling us the AAA on anything?

They need shot down in flames.

But no. They are still here.

Ignore the fuckers they know NOTHING about anything.

Clear the room.


Rate that asswipes!


  1. Fucking great - Love it, mate! :-D

  2. haha, that did make me lol. ; )

  3. Spidey, AP, glad you liked it. Though I wasn't kidding about clearing the room. Had to go lie down for a while, phew! Ever tried boiled egg curry? Just like swallowing flours of sulphur.


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