Tuesday 29 December 2009

Back to Afghanistan

Swearyword suppression is still ON, but you have to ask just what is in Tinky Wink’s handbag?

Phew, just made it.

Just what the Hong Kong Phooey is going on?

This is not good.

I watched C4 evening Snooze today and the first two items were nutter underpants sputter, and nutter offed in ChiComm land. The fourth was some guy shuvvin’ a tarty HMS Victory in a bottle. These sandwiched the MAIN news which is that more of our dead lads are home. Dead for NOTHING.

Also can you spot the common connection in all four stories?


Got that?

Drug runnin’, nitro pantin’, mental casin’, artyship bottlin’, no hopin’, salty seadoggin’, butt weldin’, crap prizin’, plinth obsessin’ other otter udder utter nutter nuttin’ LONDON.

Where the dead things hive.

Blast shields up.

Heads up.

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