Monday 28 December 2009

Homeland security?

If you had a secure homeland then this wouldn’t happen to you, would it?

The fact that it does happen tells you several things.

  1. You are a drain on foundation charities and inter generational secreted wealth.

  1. You are considered politically non extant.

  1. You and your family line are to die off soon.

I know that the Easyfart council down here had to get its serfs to chap people up and ask them to turn off their Christmas lights to save the local leky grid. If you know how to read that you’ll get what’s coming next.

This however tells you that a very secure homeland has been created, the lists are ready and you will soon be placed in an undisclosed facility where you cannot infect the rest of the mentally well with your unbent mind muse. Chockablock Sinteredblock HegalianHeroesHomes. CHEKAFEMA.

You will be bent to the yolk.

This, doesn’t one of the Gang of Five look like he’s a ‘Stapo man stepping out to set up some slave labour camps, tells you that a secure home is needed for three of the muppets here. Two of them are having their strings yanked by their daddies’ daddies. Just what mind mushypeas did they sprout back then to ensure they never had to do a day’s work then lads?

We all know that the green froth is a massive global indolence creation scheme for you and your mates and their kitchen sink droppings for ever and ever Amen.

Red Lorry, Yellow Lorry . Red Terror, Green Squalor. Tattletale Telltale, Lubyanka Thankya.

Keep your heads up.

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