Monday 7 December 2009

From out of the Dirac sea the fire extinguishers glow.

Standing on the vermilion sands you can see an ocean of lies and make-believe stretching out to an infinitely unfinished horizon. Pure thought is all that is required to bring so much into existence that we desire, but distilled evil calls our attention away.

I think it is obvious that the Mandelbrot set is beavering away in his role as Information Tazar to take down any and all bloggers possible. I did remark when the announcement was made that he’d get on the job immediately what with Turdoch’s lap dog yelping about how the scum of the earth dwelled here.

The remarks made very recently about intellectual capital also indicate the target in sight. It was all very cushty when intellectual capital rights were being crapped on by the ChiComm slave state as they stole all design tech and sent poisoned products to us, but don’t you bloggers be getting all uppity now.

With that in mind it would appear that any thoughts we have will now become actionable since all word and letter combinations have in all likelihood been wrapped in WIPO's secret cloak of autoactionable invisibility. Think of it as the same process whereby big pharma patents drugs that are used by indigenous people’s all over the world in traditional healings, and then sends the global police force in to shoot them for patent infringement. Its hard to do a prior art search in the jungle up a rubberwood tree and too late to do it once the lead pills are delivered to you and your family's still twitching bodies by the Lead Pill Pharmacy International.

I still cannot get my mind round the fact that the “secrets” of fractional reserve banking and fiat finance are still so unknown. Hell it is like enjoying the mutually pleasurable juxtapostioning of certain body parts and still scratching your head at where babies come from!!! Remarcandle monsooor!!!

With ignorance this dense TPTB shouldn’t need to start a brand new scam. No one I know has the slightest interest in The Creature from Jekyll Island. Did they choose that location deliberately for their monstrous plans? For those of us who do pay attention then there is no reason why the trick can’t be taken and used by us for the benefit of all. It is all a confidence trick so let’s take charge of it simples.

But no, even though everything in sight is yelling and screaming “You have been ripped off twatheads. You’ve been gamed right royally. You are poor and getting poorer because thieves are stealing everything you ever have, including the future!!” still 99.999999% of the Western public stand there scratching their crotches like a huge Homer Simpson convention.

That can only mean the new scam, the new shell game has had to be invented because there are new partners being invited in or muscling their way into the sacred ritual of levying tribute.

That’s why the Greenman has been called out of the mysterious forest. An entity whose existence is ephemeral and legendary, illusional, liquid and shamanic, a totem for a global village to kneel before, heads bowed unthinking.

Called into being by the force of pure human faith and enforced by the force of pure hatred for humanity. Search and destroy missions will seek out the unbelievers where ever they are, no matter how many they may constitute. A clear and present danger will be removed in the new age of the new religion cold bloodedly.

Do not think, just believe to live. Be grateful that you have been allowed the gift of life, see how the undeserving dies. It is their fault, see they choose to do so. Belief, ritual, symbol, worship, ceremonial. Anyone seeking to start the flames of rebellion against this religion be declared heretic and will be extinguished.

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