Tuesday 1 September 2009

What's mad and not mad? What's NOAHide and not?

Anyone who has ever slogged through the crap spouted in business text books, which I touched on here,

with the faux truths, simplistic approaches and equation envy will by now realise that the whole thing is a snow job, just like learning Mao’s crap off by heart, or Marx’s Communist Manifesto foundation sponsored shit screen.

What’s really behind all this is a desire to bring everything in existence into the control of a very, very few people.

While you are nose deep in De Wit & Meyer these clowns are chuckling because you are successfully lured off scent, just like Mao's Red Guards.

They are running a thousand or more year's program in which you, whose horizon stretches to the next benefit/pay cheque, will be completely ignorant of what they are up to. They’ve got time, all the time in the world, to plot and plan a multi generational take down of humanity.

With this in mind I’ll invite you to listen to this little item.

It is not the article itself that is of interest, it is quite mad almost all evidence of this was removed,

it is the little chink of light shed on how some people actually think of themselves in our humanity.

Their timeframes and context are vast compared to the rest of us.

Heads up.

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