Friday 18 September 2009

Great BIG STICKS and taking the piss out of us.

Elle est tres, tres belle n'est pas?

More plane spotting.

No apologies another 8mins+ of one of the most beautiful things ever to fly.

Full anorak mode now.

So £130bn of which close to £100bn is for our BIG STICKS.

Everywhere this bunch of goons looks they realise that they’ve no more money to pay for anything. Just as planned.

No pensions, no schooling, no NHS, no infrastructure, no industry, no agriculture, no science, no success, no money & no defence. Just a great big fucking fiat money pyre upon which is piled every aspect of our society’s fabric.

We’ve got plenty of scamming international criminal families/mafia being helped into the country via the good offices of human rights lawyers guiding these economic vagrants through the statutes that only they know how to navigate because they got the statutes written. London oriental city.

What benefits are to be found by shredding our nation in the hellrazor of internationalism? Nothing for us but the Mandelbrot set have had enough programming during their lifetimes to consider themselves way above the rest of us intellectually, ritually and morally. They love it no matter how thick the red carpet of corpses becomes, they are special and anointed.

So back to the BIG STICKS. It’s not the money that matters it’s the outcome of the so called debate. The place we find ourselves is not unexpected, it is unwelcome, and has been deliberately engineered to meld us unwillingly and unwittingly into the European Project.

If we give up the BIG STICKS then we are finally acknowledging the movement of the centre of European direction of the world from the Atlantic coast into mittel Europa. It’s been slow but methodical march from Venice->London->Berlin. The Germans are finally safe to hijack fully and the USofA has been taken down.

UK plc having BIG STICKS is no longer necessary since UK plc is returning to a pastoral state full of uninformed subjects with the elite steeple chasing or ziggurat hunting. A deindustrialised centre of propaganda and disinformation.

The only questions remaining is how large and under what structure the EU nuke force is established. And I’ll bet THAT is one of the secret protocols waiting for the Eire ref to say yes to initiate. You watch.

There are other opinions of exactly what happened between the USofA and UKplc which are at odds with the official legend. These see London as always being the senior partner no matter how it looked in the MSM.

Here’s one, and very interesting it is as well, intuitively in light of events it rings truer than the stuff we’ve been conditioned with.

Remember absolutely everything we read and or right is considered “vulgar” by TPTB.

So under the guise of hard decisions having to be made the vulgar are not expected to notice that no Trident means no NHS, no carriers means no more RN. A bankrupt backward denuded country knee deep in immigrants can only be used for the coming BIG ONE in a passive way. Spying and psyops.

Is that what you wanted when we went to the poll stations last? Well it’s our fault. We fell asleep on watch. These clowns that infest our body politic are clearing out the MP lists and replacing them with newly groomed stooges that will be complicit through ignorance in our enslavement in a Green fraud.

If these retarded cretinous vacuous cryptomoonjuice sluicing fools really cared about pollution they’d stop covering the fucking planet in depleted uranium. When was the last time a baby polanda bear wiped your disabled granny's arse? Badger blowing loons!!!!

The Rigourous Voting Method might just save us.

Remember TPTB are racist bastards and there is nothing as valueless to them as a white slave.

Heads up.

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