Friday 18 September 2009

For plane spotters only.

I remember lying on the grass just off Cranfield’s runway summer 1989 and the air was full of the sound of Merlins!!! I almost expectorated on the spot and left for heaven.

So twenty years later and what’s being going down in groove town?

Well the attempt to go back in time proceeds apace.

Cross channel hovercraft, Concord, F22, B2, trial by jury, habeas corpus all gone or stopped dead.

The de-industialisation of UK plc is almost complete, we subjects of her majesty, God bless her, are soon to be subject to the EUSSR. Who’d have believed it after the 500 years chase we’ve been taken out at last by inbred chinless wonders?

Now serious anorak stuff coming up here.

If these buggers ever sniff water under RN use I’ll be very surprised.

I’ve been watching this story since 1980 at least, and the two things that always struck me were where to park the phekkers and UK plc is too poor to afford the overhead.

Once Labour pitched up I really smelled a rat, and they kept it drip fed and now after 1Billion Sterling metal is cut. However I haven’t seen any keel laying ceremony.

Whose are they?

I speculated in Aug that I could see them parked in Brest and after last weeks breaking news from Goodnight Vienna I’m convinced that they are EU ships for the EU navy.

Fits nicely with the timetable laid out in EUDEFENCE2020, any nonsense from UK plc and the EU subsidies financing the building work will be cut. Not that the yards involved will have anything to do after that.

And what about the overheads, the airgroup?

F35B is a US Marines prog and even though they tend to get what they want that doesn’t mean we’ll get any. The ships will operate joint force air groups apparently.

Let’s stretch that imaginary envelope again. Who’s going to be in the joint force? We are stoney broke, 140 F35Bs too much overhead? How’s about someone who can afford to buy, build and operate them, Turkey?

If Turkey let go its Eastern Kurdish area I’ll bet that EU membership would be on. Don’t laugh there are NATO maps out there.

Just a thought.

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