Wednesday 2 September 2009

UK demographics show a baby boom. Whose baby boom and why?

UK has baby boom.

Really, and who benefits?

John Company.

For US readers I’m sorry to say but you’ve been caught up with and your leaders have sold you out. Finally like a bucking bronco or wild mustang you’ve been tamed and the rest of us are fucked.

What was John Company?

Well have a look here, here and some poetry here.

Now as you know my contention is that both sides in the Afghan war are being played by the usual suspects. Though not with the usual war is good for business malarkey a la Vietnam where US deficit spending drove up national debt. That’s part of the USofA take down.

There are aspects of the John Company thesis I’m putting here re Australia and S Korea being in Vietnam though.

With all effective opposition to Western military supremacy essentially removed after 1989, I reckon it was felt necessary to quickly integrate all friendly forces into a global military arm.

Everything since then has been to that end. Every war, Iraq, Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Afghanistan again. Further and further integration of Western disposed forces.

What if the forces being deployed by the West are not there to win in Afghanistan but to help forge the new John Company’s privateers/enforcers?

Every analyst that is realistic about Afghanistan says we cannot win.

They are not supposed to win in the WWII sense, but in the East/West Indies sense circa 1650-1850.

All business plans formulated on the global scale will by definition require a military dimension to that plan. The military are fully integrated into the business planning system.

Do you see the US flag trimmed in gold here on the US soldier (KABUL (June 25, 2009) -- Lt. Gen. David M. Rodriguez)? That’s fleet, he’s operating under contract.

John Company.

There is no longer a military/industrial/congressional complex as Eisenhower warned about there is now a new John Company appearing.

This is not a new premise

and explains to the bewildered British Public why there are so many new faces on their streets.

Where do you think John Company operatives are going to be coming from? From their progeny.

Once you’ve digested this fact everything that is happening in UK plc makes sense. From the CCTV to the obsession with what you are thinking.

The assigning a monetary value to everything.

The entire PC bollox.

John Company is truly egalitarian.

Heads up.


  1. I wrote about this a few days ago...the big lie is that we are having too many children, when really even in this 'baby-boom' year we're not having enough to remain stable in the long term.

    As for the British East India Company, well who needs them when we have the World Trade Organisation, right? ;)

  2. WTO. Same old blood lines.

    John Company's UN Global police force Policies and Procedures Dept.

    Heads up.


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