Thursday 3 September 2009

Cui Bono, cue Bono.

No I wouldn’t do that to you. Though it may contribute to an understanding of why the bad guys ALWAYS win.

Still we must not desist from the struggle since it is only through the law of unintentional consequences applied to the bad guys plans that we the white hat wearers progress.

Norman Dodd, long gone, left us a great big clue as to what was going down and the motives of the power that decide our fate, the hidden government

Senator Inouye

referred to, in this interview from the early 1980s. Transcript Video

Now I reckon one of the ways they went furthering foundation plans is by high jacking the Continuity of Government plans.

“Continuity of Government is basic to survival of the nation. This principle has received increasing attention by government at all levels and in all branches. Despite this general awareness and an increasing understanding, there is still some confusion about the survival of government which is essential to the future of the nation and the world. Stated simply, the major objective of emergency planning, and therefore of these specific programs, is to preserve the American representative form of government. The country cannot afford to leave a vacuum at any governmental level which could lead to anarchy or to an unlawful assumption of authority. On 12 February 1962 President Kennedy stated: "the continued effective functioning of civilian political authority in an emergency is vital to the survival of our free society."”

If you want to have a ReStart of Oligarchy with a view to Continuity of Oligarchy (RSOCOO) then you need to hijack any such attempts at COG as part of your plan.

More of their motivation is described here.

So let’s look at the last few US administrations then.

Nixon1, Nixon2(Removed renegade), Ford (Space Filler), Carter (Treading water), Bush 1, Bush2, Bush3, Clinton1, Clinton2, Bush4, Bush5, SemiClinton3.

From Bush1 to SemiClinton3 spans approx 30 years. Remember Bush/Clinton are big chums from Mena.

Here’s a frightening quotation from Webster Griffin Tarpley describing part of Bush4’s reaction during 9/11

“Look, this is a forgotten clue of 9/11, which seems to me is the most important, because this is when the invisible government speaks. You may remember that at one point during the morning, 10:00 probably on 9/11, a death threat against Bush came into the Secret Service, saying, Angel is next. It essentially means, Air Force One will be shot down as the next step in these developments.

There’s no doubt that this telephone call took place, it was confirmed by Cheney indirectly, Condoleeza Rice very directly, many other Republicans directly, then later on it was denied. ‘Oh it was a confused or garbled message that came in.’……………………………………………………………………………………Essentially it means that the invisible government force behind 9/11 tells Bush that he must respond by stating that its Bin Laden, Al Qaeda, the Arabs, the Islamic world, and that what’s gonna happen is the invasion of Afghanistan, and above all the beginning of the ‘war of civilizations’ that Samuel Huntington writes about. An open-ended aggression of the United States against the Arab and Islamic world.”

So if what WGT relates is true then COO is in place.

In the UK during that period from 1970 the important admins from a phase matching point of view are Thatcher and Blair, all the rest are space fillers waiting until the UK phase matched candidate turns up to move the agenda along seamlessly both sides of the pond.

That’s COG of the pubic face alright.

Currently UK plc is out of phase and for the life of me I cannot see the replacement bringing us into phase with US. So could we be looking at a change of phase space for UK plc? Perhaps being in phase with Europe is now more important. Again we’ve got a problem there with any possible replacement.

So UK plc will be getting a doubly redundant space filler soon.


Heads up.

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