Friday 11 September 2009

Some joined up thinking.

Some say my brain doesn’t work properly; well it’s just got a mind of its own. It’s been hard at work again and here’s what it came up with.

Anyone running through the British blog scene will notice a lot of head scratching over why some things are happening. See Rab, see Pavlov’s Cat & see Sue. Just a recent smattering.

Now why would the Govt., which as me and my mate Tim the tube driver agree hates us, want to keep us healthy?

Let me take you by the hand and lead you into UK plc just a few months from now. The hammer is down and just like 1939-51 an acute balance of payments crisis requires total control over all aspects of our lives.

This man is on the run, he’s the most dangerous man in the UK because he knows it’s all bollox.

He must be terminated.

However those of us who’ve loved him for his work have given him safe haven, he’s quietly sitting watching old reruns of Rhubarb and Custard in the faraday cage safely out of the way of the prying, spying, sleekit snitches that infest everyday life.

The last candle gutters out and it’s time to hunker down for another night before he makes his break for freedom the next day. To where he is headed even he cannot say since nowhere is free anymore.

A Lead Pill Pharmacy chopper patrol buzzes its way overhead and you all listen to it disappear into the night. Sleep descends.

3am all hell breaks loose as the LPP kick in your front door even though you’ve all been inerted WACO style and the gentleman is taken away to a show trial. You and your family are to be re-educated or lead pilled.

How did they know he was there?

Well for years they’d profiled everyone’s shopping from their store loyalty cards and their sniffer planes got a whiff of his DNA in your neighbourhood. You made the mistake of buying one can of beans and one can of ravioli per day too much in your shopping. Your water meter was too high and you’d forgotten that when you were out and no one was supposed to be at home the meter moved.

Far fetched?

Well then with everyone getting to grips with the organ harvesting stories recently what else has UK plc got to sell on the world markets?

That’s why they want us fit, we’re farm animals. The NHS and NICE are part of a veterinarian service designed to produce good healthy organ machines.

Proof, can’t give you any right now, other than to say that it makes more sense than the crap we’re told by Govt. propaganda and the MSM.

Remember the Nazi’s wanted to stop people from smoking because smokers are less susceptible to propagandisation.

Heads up & Get puffing.

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