Wednesday 30 September 2009

Asynchronicity and Aserendipity

Bad timing and even worse luck!!!

Thanks to Scunnert posting the reflections of a Glasgow gone, earlier and the rantings of a man I have always maintained is out of time . I reflected on this and why? Why would a man of such obvious good intentions be part of a process which took the Glasgow of that photomontage and turn it into the 3rd world? Satrapy and client status.

When you look at this

Take any man in that type of line, whether US or UK, and present him with today’s bloated welfare state and he would think you mad. He would understand the reasons why this state of affairs existed but he would know that it was not here to help him. Certainly not help him back into work. It has warped into a special interest trough.

If we had the welfare state as it existed in his day applied to welfare seekers today then there would quite quickly be none left within the year, they would be dead of starvation.

Why? Because the tax payer then would simply say that they had not contributed to the country and should therefore not receive a penny. Ergo we’d be back to Dickensian conditions and cast from the scientific age.

How have we ended up with such a complete mess today?

The answer is Asynchronicity in intent. The intent to deal with the 1930s has no place in the 2010s. However the over correction will be fatal to many. The BBCR4 discussion about taking teenage mothers into care just makes alarm bells start ringing all over the place. If a government cannot get simple things like school meals sorted because it is not smart enough to see through economic dogma then this is on the cards as is this, also see Aangirfan today.

For not only is Asynchronicity at work so is Aserendipity. Who else but Gordon could have the luck to have a criminal business paradigm?

You see the men in that queue were hoping to get work in a business that was not stuck to the government’s teat. Those who owned the businesses risked their own assets and sought to ply the capitalist system as it was held to be in action and theory.

Today’s business paradigm seeks a government cheque add infinitum to deliver services to government agencies without any risk to business.

Again let’s turn to the excellent Catherine Austin Fitts to see how that is meant to work . See once you are in the system there is a disincentive to ever let you back out again so long as the public purse can be milked for revenue streams. Once the public purse is empty the prisoners are out. Those who support prisoners “earning” their keep miss two things. The principal of restorative justice, and hence they must have given up hope in the vigour of their political economy and their society. Secondly they do not see the direct link between this and slavery. One might also add that perhaps they are criminally minded and hope to make a fast buck.

What do you think Gordon’s places for young teenage mothers are going to become when criminal agencies give criminal business contracts?

What Gordon never got his head round is the fact that he comes from a nation that is still distinct from the one where he lives in No10.

In Scotland Non Pictii and Non Scotii tend to be the decedents of immigrants starving for liberty and freedom. Scotland, although showing some marks of none Scottish traits especially in Edinburgh (why do you think it’s got the Festival?), is still distinct and can therefore entertain Scottish Nationalism.

The English can never have English nationalism because they became Venetian and have been for hundreds of years. That’s why the authorities keep a close eye on what is nothing but a rabble, the BNP. Deep inside that rabble is the shining truth, a truth that does not exist in our conventional polity, a truth which should it get abroad in the body politic would cause mayhem with the remaining English. The English were usurped by professional economic migrants seeking rents. If the Venetian Ponzi scheme crashes then the English disguise will drop.

So where does this leave Gordon Brown, son of the manse? He’s completely flummoxed by reality, his ideas are out of time and his luck is appalling.

Gordon I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt you are not criminally minded, but your actions are mentally asynchronous.

Head for home and give us a rest.


  1. Given the productive capacity of modern industry enforced inactivity and the benefit society are inevitable.

  2. Scunnert,

    could be, but productive capacity is capricious.

  3. Capricious - aye. Can be destroyed by war, or natural disasters, but the main problem is the availability of raw materials. That's the wall we'll hit in another decade or so.

  4. Scunnert I'd like us all to be around to meet that wall. Then we'll find it's not such a wall.

    I've been watching too much Derren Brown. I need an ice cream. :-)


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