Wednesday 16 September 2009

Every word is carefully placed so that you may ponder.

I was going to write about several other things today but running around schools & then C4 interrupting with The Secret Millionaire, that shit sent everything off on a tangent and really phekked me off.

So I’ll get back to that later, X-Factor and NOAHide swing courts in East Germany not withstanding (The Spy Who came in from the Cold).

You are what you are not, and the sneektheives sow it.

“There they saw the King on the ground, and a cry of grief and a shout of rage rose from every throat. Soon a fierce battle was raging, one man after another holding his shield over Alexander’s prostrate body, until at last the troops outside smashed the bolt of the gate in the curtain-wall and were beginning to come in, a few at a time.” Arrian, The Campaigns of Alexander, Penguin Classics p315.

Replace one name and the whole world falls apart.

I came across this and this a little while back and didn’t know how to put it in context but now I do.

Shibby posted today about the psychobot.

Well wait until they get really smart. There’s a vid out there of what looks like a big headless Irish Wolfhound and it’s really scary, that thing will hunt you down motherfukka. Well phekk me here it is, wait till that thing is productionised. Coming to a neighbourhood no booze, no fags, and no breathing CCTV watch area near you.

The Dundee Housewife posted up the total waste of money that is UK MoD recently, everything is late and over budget. You have to ask what is going on. For the most ridiculous of reasons. F22 out of production before the F15. That’s weird and no one asks why? It’s like HMS Vanguard was scrapped before HMS Dreadnought!!!!!

Is the problem here that Xe has now taken over the praetorian position?


The problem here is that Xe is now advising Varian.

The robotic killing of inhabited carbon based life forms may bring pleasure to TPTB.

However everything that has been authorised by alchemical accountancy measures is cowardice.

If McChrystal were dying I bet Xe and the dead Marines’ comrades wouldn’t give a fuck.

Alexander knew why he was in SW Asia. McChrystal believes he should be in SW Asia.

Boundless vacuous belief is evil.

That’s the difference.

As I’ve said before both sides in Af/Pak are being run, that’s why it doesn’t make sense to us.

Everyone says that Vietnam and Af/Pak are not the same.

Yes they are I’ve just laid it out above.

When the McChrystal ball doesn’t work everyone will remember Wastemoreland.

The names are placed on the board for a reason.

Heads up.

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