Tuesday 1 September 2009

Still playing the long game.

The Ten Commandments

Now I’ve no idea why I put this together in this way because two themes are conflating but it seems to make sense to me to do it thus.

Hong Xiuchuan liked the TTC and got this into gear.

China is full NOAHide now.

Joseph Kony also likes TTC and we’ve got this rumbling away waiting to go where?

Now these guys are almost one year old now in being autonomous. They have a program called OEF-TS

In this part of the site TSCTP is described.

Now there is a discontinuity here. Can you see it? Does this help?


Anyway exploring the site further and what do we find in Obama’s cousin’s place Kenya?

Cool, however elsewhere.

So Obama campaigned on behalf of Odinga
, an islamic terrorist, that doesn’t surprise.

Go read the weather.

Now let’s just say that you are being asked to fully integrate into the AFRICOM gameplan. You pipe up with “What about our hostage?” An elaborate cover story involving oil is confected, which the stony broke UK plc will take thank you very much. The hostage is released and AFRICOM steams on. You find that your country gets included in the site.

Why is it that despite claims that The Report from Iron Mountain is a hoax it just seems to be playing out?


Heads up.

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