Saturday 26 September 2009

Thank God I'm an optimist. Part six.


What does it mean? Trees, bunny rabbits, earth, sunshine.

Well here’s the markers I put down last time out. I think you know where we are going with this.


Mars Melt Hints at Solar, Not Human, Cause for Warming, Scientist Says

Sun Blamed for Warming of Earth and Other Worlds

Global Warming on Mars, Pluto, Triton and Jupiter

So global warming is a solar system wide phenomenon. Vulcanism puts more gases, volatiles and particulates into the atmosphere every year than we could ever do. Cow farts are a story designed to starve us into a vegetarian diet which will make us more placid.

The Nazis were very green

, they’re not too keen on people.

So is unreconstructed communists

, they’re not too keen on people.

Even the pandas’ best friends are suspect

, they’re not too keen on people.

The UN loves GREEN , and loves people for the wrong reasons, because from that body will be proclaimed a King. Notice the dove there, that’s NOAHide.

No I’ll bet that the UN is only a stepping stone in this process. I’ll bet the real move to one world and transhumanism will be when we get the Gaia Co Prosperity Sphere.

When the Venetians start talking about markets you can be sure there is a scam on. So any market in anything green, any tax with a green angle, any laws and statutes with a green angle are part of a rip off. A rip off to do what? To pay tribute. Tribute to the elite from everyone on earth for ever and ever Moloch.

There can be no doubt that the great central banking income tax swindle has now run its course. The world has simply bubbled itself out of existence. No more work is to be allowed, only service and servitude. Raise an eyebrow and you’ll become a none person, the computers will terminate you existence credits; you will be deactivated and deleted.

I’m sure the Venetians were hoping to integrate another 2+billion dupes into the scam to keep the Ponzi scheme afloat. Man they’ve tried hard, as they always do, even knocking out a couple of towers, torching evidence and forensic accountants to destroy their theiving tracks.

It didn’t work, they’ve been exposed. They’ve got to keep a cover story going whilst we are corralled for the next fix. So the never ending war goes on.

The replacement for the central banking income tax scam is the green tax scam but on a global basis. That’s why little Timmy Geithner is so up for bye bye US Dollar. He must have been really well indoctrinated by the globalists in SE Asia where he grew up. Kind of like Obama, he spent formative years in that neck of the woods as well. Internationalist front men. Traitors to their countries.

They started laying the work long ago, Club of Rome etc and then kicked it up to the UN for global roll out. Ideally it should have been played out in the test beds where everyone had been made poor and unemployed, i.e. Angle-Saxon world, before rippling out into the big world as China and India got themselves dragged into the 21st century.

However it’s all gone pear shaped and it might need war on an unimaginable scale to transform our societies to the oligarchic one world system.

If these elitists are to succeed they need to do two things destroy memory and hide true knowledge.

I’ll take the latter first.

In order to make the new economic model stick, feudal rationing, pseudo science has been brought in to tell us things like, CO2 is a poison, human action i.e. us causes climate change, emissions of all sorts need to be capped etc.

Now I remember when I was young watching an OU prog on Sat morning telly that stated that 25-30% of new teachers didn’t believe that photosynthesis, water and CO2 were the building blocks of plant growth. That was then. The new generation will believe anything now.

All these pseudo scientists are funded by tax exempt trans generational foundations who have been aiming at oligarchy for centuries and the kicker is these scientists don’t even realize that their scientific method has been corrupted by the Venetians over the centuries anyway. Now this takes us into the realms of occult belief and true philosophy and how to describe the process that has been going on.

Now is time switch out the light, put on your reading light, sit back with a large snifter and enjoy the read. It will take a while.

Lyndon LaRouche explained the process involved in 1994 and the universe answered again today. What’s on the LPAC site today, oh yes links to the three papers. Enjoy.

See you tomorrow.

Heads up.

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