Wednesday 2 September 2009

Bank Holidays

What did FDR say before he nicked everyone's gold?

What about a modern take on this kind of systemic crisis?

Thoroughly sensible stuff but you haven’t been deploying weapons of Massive Wealth Theft on Joe Public and Exotic Instruments of Pisstake on the Chinese?

Have you?

You see if someone pissed in your baby bath then it might be possible to ignore it and form a solution by tipping the contents into a swimming pool. Quietly of course.

If someone shits in the swimming pool, well you might quietly shut things down and refill over night from the reservoir.

If someone barfs in the reservoir, best to void into the sea and refill.

However what do you do if a tsunami of diarrhoea is heading in to plunge mankind into the dark?

Head for the hills!!!!!

How many in the USofA died as a direct result of the Great Depression? Millions and millions, but I don’t remember that being part of my school history lessons.

Since the problem is now globalised and the whole world is in the thrall of NaZoviets Gordon’s going to have another body count on his hands.

Useless fucker!!!

Heads up.

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