Thursday 10 September 2009

Big Sticks and little sticks.

I’ve been wondering how they’re going to stick it to the Russians this time. They gave them a little stick in Beslan to put them in their place re:Iraq and again as a provocation with Georgia.

They gave Gordon a little stick in 2005 to keep him schtum after he got all uppity and excited, no wonder he needs medication. Note that wasn’t aimed at Imperator Antonius.

What we don’t generally know is that the second third world war has already started.

I discussed with my mate Tim the tube driver the conflicts going on before/around our conventional date for the BIG ONE kicking off in 1939.

Abyssinia, Spain, Russo-Finish, Sudetenland, Poland, Rhineland, Russo-Sino-Japo and of course 1937 when the Chinese and Japanese really kicked it off.

So that was the set up we reckoned, and it’s what we’ve been going through, a set up.

Now Aangirfan and The Goon Squad have both come at this through the German vibe.

I want us to look at it from the Russian angle, because we’ll all end up in the same place.

Now in a previous post I gave details of what Webster-Tarpley reckoned was going through Putin’s reasoning after 9/11. Putin knew it had kicked off but was going to bide his time and not give “casus belli”.

That’s not good enough for our psycho/schytzo TPTB. Chechnya, Chechnya, Beslan, Ingosetia, Chechnya, Georgia again and again the provocation. Still no bite.

However there is a place that can bring it all together again just like 9/11 and kill so many stones with the one big bird.

I’ll get there but lets bring some more of the recent nonsense to the fore. Remember the Arctic Sea, that one story conflates so many of the actors. Iran, Russia, Piracy, WMD, Black Ops, Sanction Busting real or imagined, Highjacking, Renegade Black Market hell hole etc.

As an aside the ship's name itself is considered in some circles to be an indicator hidden in clear sight, that’s not where I’m going but you should be aware of that aspect to the story.

No the real interesting part of the story is that the Arctic Sea was loaded up in Kaliningrad.

Now you may wonder what’s that, Kaliningrad.

You’ve heard that before here and where better to stick one on Merkel the Prussian, slacker Germany, cleanse your NATO flank, finger Iran and stick one in the Bear's eye.

So BIG STICK in Kaliningrad anytime soon?

Heads up.

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