Monday 14 September 2009

How long is the Long War?*

Me and my mate Tim ran through the ins and outs of the Ilysu dam project the thick end of ten years ago and I reckoned that it was all part of a deliberate plot to erase history, whose history, well ours. Tim wasn’t fussed one way or the other.

Let me explain.

Mark Thomas at the time was campaigning against the damn dam, successfully at that time, and it ground to a halt, apparently. It’s all but forgotten now but it shouldn’t be because it is part of a great arc of destruction that has been unfolding from West of Anatolia, through Iraq, Iran, Pakistan and into NW India.

This is the current Wiki entry for Hasankeyf .

Hasankeyf is mentioned in the Ilysu ref above but only after the usual PC hat tips to current fads. The whole area is knee deep in important archaeological sites that can shed light on the very oldest events that we only catch glimpses of like the Biblical Flood, and who is I Am etc.

There are places like Nevali Çori which have gone.

Gone with all the evidence that would help allow a picture of our ancient history to be put together more fully.

Peoples displaced, sites inundated, evidence gone and the destruction of memory.

Let’s follow the arc into Iraq and what’s gone on there.

Dan Cruikshank, good man, did a TV series that looked at the heritage and places in Iraq just before the Shekinah.

Now what about these old sites?

Let’s look at OHH….Ur.


So Iraq has been shit on. It’s covered in DU. How many dead how many memories of tradition before monotheism pitched up? Gone for ever?

Well if you go to the Media Lens guys in my sink holes and go back to the big stouchie in 2003 between the Iraq Body Count, the Lens and the use of respected, genocide related, epidemic mortality modelling you’ll smell a great big CIA rat.

Especially if you realise that the academic who did the modelling got monstered for his trouble. Its fine for Congo but when TPTB are putting a serious move on, you can go fuck yourself. Here.

Today I like this one, it’s got a cost attached as well!!!!!

Who is next, well let’s follow the arc? Iran. What’s there to amnesiate?

In Aryan there's here, here & here to start.

Now those of you watching closely will have seen a glitch in the matrix there, but lets get on with it.

You’ll also notice, I hope, something I’ve touched on in an earlier posting with regards to Messers McGregor and Boorman. UN means trouble. If you’ve come to their notice it means your up for destruction or sequestration.


Now the thesis is that sometime likely end of 19th century TPTB had found out enough that they realised they needed to obliterate the memory of the great arc of very ancient civilisations running from modern Bosnia to NW India. By hook or by crook.

Our current Af/Pak adventure is continuing the process under disguise but in clear sight, as always.

Why would they want us to forget all about that very ancient history, amnesia it all?

Well the current turmoil caused in the West is part of the same amnesiac process which seeks to get us ready for TPTBs prescribed belief system for the new man.

If any evidence were to be found that could disprove their construct, like pre biblical high civilisations and their knowledge, well that just would not be cricket.

The real danger is that these theatres of war are so far from TPTBs luxury villas that they’ll allow use of WMD again. Racist as always. Why do you think that WMD were verboten in Europe and then they dropped BIG STICKS twice near the 33?

Our problem is that TPTB have certainty about their beliefs stretching even further back than my heading question.

There is no point getting to grips with immediate problems that mean immediate solutions. Globalisation, fiat money, genocide, famine, stock control. TPTB have done it all before, that’s why they know how we’ll react. That’s why they seem so smart.

If you’ve just come in from the farm to the town how do you know when you’ve been baited and switched unless someone’s there to guide you?

TPTB are ancient, they invented the game we play.

We have to stop.

*10,000 years.

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