Friday, 24 July 2009

How would you justify DU use to get an MBA.

I want to take you to a place far far away, to a time neither tomorrow nor yesterday.

Look at this list.

IGOR ANSOFF, Corporate Strategy, 1965
SHONA BROWN & KATHLEEN EISENHARDT, Competing on the Edge, 1998
LARRY DOWNES & CHUNKA MUI, Unleashing the Killer App, 1998
PETER DRUCKER, The Age of Discontinuity, 1969
SUMANTRA GHOSHAL & CHRISTOPHER A BARTLETT, The Individualised Corporation, 2000
ANDREW GROVE, Only the Paranoid Survive, 1996
GARY HAMEL & C K PRAHALAD, Competing for the Future, 1994
ROBERT S KAPLAN & DAVID P NORTON, The Balanced Scorecard, 1996
REGIS MCKENNA, Real Time, 1997
MARY MODAHL, Now or Never, 2000
GEOFFREY MOORE, Crossing the Chasm, 1991
RICHARD PASCALE, Managing on the Edge, 1990
TOM PETERS AND ROBERT WATERMAN, In Search of Excellence, 1982
MICHAEL PORTER, Competitive Strategy, 1980
PETER SENGE, The Fifth Discipline, 1990
CARL SHAPIRO & HAL R VARION, Information Rules, 1998
THOMAS STEWART, Intellectual Capital, 1997
ALVIN TOFFLER, The Third Wave, 1980
SUN TZU, The Art of War, 500BC
WATTS WACKER & JIM TAYLOR, The 500 Year Delta, 1997
WALT WRISTON, Twilight of Sovereignty, 1992
SHOSHANA ZUBOFF, In the Age of the Smart Machine, 1988

It summarises the complete and utter shit that has been spewed into our world by “Business” theorists. These clowns rate with Educational theorists and Social Care theorists in their utter shitspeak.

I remember being lectured to about “unleashing human potential” and these fucks were on the recommended reading lists.

I’ll paraphrase, but these goons were knee deep in this utter stinking pile of treacherous double speak.

Apparently corporate leaders were puzzled by the fact that their employees were not giving their all at the workplace. This truly troubled these beneviolent titans of capital, after all no one at their workstation hot desk needed a canary anymore. They couldn’t get their heads round the fact that their employees would return home and give their hearts to music, composition, artistic endeavour, historical societies, bird breeding and other lovingly tended pursuits. Why oh why didn’t their workers love the workplace so kindly provendered by the masters? What was wrong?

Well this was all bollox. If any of these clowns had been invited to a roundtable discussion with these titans of capital this is what would have happened to Zuboff, Ansoff, Handy, Senge, Drucker, Porter et al.

I’ll translate everything that these clowns were writing in vain. This is what the beneviolent titans were really thinking after handing oodles of cash over to the university research depts.

“Who do these fuckers think they are? They are taking MY MONEY and raising canaries. Enslave the phukks, give them no time at home, enfeeble their pastimes and abolish their pleasures. They will work 24/7 for MEEE!!!!! Or I’ll smash their fukkin’ brains in.”

Got that.

Now when we consider NAZI/SOVIETS don’t forget that the USofA NAZI/SOVIET was buried deep in a giant dynamic economy that has taken over 100 years to ensnare.

Look at DiNiro. It’s Hilter, Heydrich, Beria, PolPot, Stalin, and who is it now USofA?

The US military is now fully integrated into the US business dynamic. USofA has truly degenerated into the condition of PIRATE ship.

They are now truly English and their elites Venetian.

Heads up.

PS any fuck that mentions Sun Tzu to you kick them in the cunt.