Monday 21 September 2009

Thank God I'm an optimist.

If you noticed a couple of days ago I mentioned two things that may have seemed unconnected, Marie Antoinette & US Presidents. I didn’t let my thoughts complete on these and another topic, Russian Tsars, but I will today because some funny things have come across the desktop today and I’ve only now put it together.

There are 9 days left on the clock until the Federal Reserve Ponzi Scheme is thought by many to be going belly up and as a result we are now living in a very high strangeness environment. Weird whisperings about attempted hits on Obama over the last week or so, missing ships, missing missiles, dead money men (Danny Pang, Christopher Kelly, Finn Casperson, James McDonald all dead within 48hrs) and if course the Minot nukes.

I haven’t heard about these since I last banged on about them a couple of months back but here they are over on

Let’s see if I can actually put down what’s running through the empty halls of my mind here.

Marie Antoinette and the French royal family were subject to fierce ridicule essentially a propaganda hit was carried out that made them institutionally illegitimate in the eyes of the mob.

Similar with the Tsars they found forces at work which eventually resulted in the same smear of illegitimacy being hung on the Russian form of government and it was swept away.

Note I am not interested in the right and wrongs here, I’m only looking at what occurred.

Now back to my tease about crap US Presidents, looking at the past 20 years or so the US Presidency has been turned into a psycho sexual chimpfest, and the latest incumbent who’s legitimacy has been questioned openly now faces a crisis in the perceived legitimacy of the office of the President of the USofA by the mob, local and international. Don’t snicker UK plc, British parliamentary democracy is now viewed as an incompetent venal corrupt pigswilling incestuous fuckfest.

This situation is VERY, VERY dangerous.

Who’s the equivalent of this guy in the USofA today? Felix Edmundovich Dzerzhinsky. Is that person in FEMA, can we identify that person? Check out Lucky’s pedigree. Sweet.

Back to those nukes. If you’ve read the Kennebunkport Warning you’ll know that there are unaccounted for US Nukes around. The whole incident has a large body count associated with it that never gets into MSM. Where are the missing WMD?

G20 meet in Pittsburgh sep 24-26th , Sep 30th is the end of the Fed financial year.

Ramadan’s over and we’re being groomed for more trouble.

Juniper Cobra kicks off in Oct and all the gear is out there and staying.

There is so much going on that TPTB cannot keep it out of our ken any more. But what's the cover, what's the target and WTF is going on it's hard to tell. Just be ready.

If anything goes bang and the hammer drops we’ve been set up for lockdown. Don’t expect aircraft if a BIG STICK is involved, expect delivery by boat. That’s how the first ones were to be delivered as I explained back in June/July.

Heads up.


  1. Scunnert,

    with a bit more of the stress that Polaris was going on about yesterday!! The piano wires must go twang sometime soon.


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