Wednesday 23 September 2009

Thank God I'm an optimist. Part four.

If I sit right back and take a long hard look at the West what do I see? I see a mass in thrall to what in another age would be termed false gods. A false god weakens the community by burning up the future for present pleasure. A false god consumes the time allotted to those as yet unborn. A false god cares for nothing.

I see behavioural economists and their ilk that can force a monetary value on one hour of one person’s life. People like this guy, he and his chums have infested UK plc (NICE) for years and infected Capitol Hill now.

Well chums I could put a body count on every cent of fiat money, off ledger book profit and Ponzi scheme theft you and your Chicago school psychopaths have caused. The arithmetic is simple. Every body in every war since 1913. Every dead person who had no food to start life, over the past century. A fraction of a life for anyone who starved was worked to death or hunted down by your agents. Another fraction for those who were forced into squalor and despair by the psychopathic machine you spawned. What’s the total?

I haven’t got the brain power to haul it all together but I know someone who started on the process more rigorously than I have outlined above. His figures relate to the relatively peaceful world of 1950 to 2007.

The figures are staggering.

UK alone is responsible for 727 million dead people!!!!

Read it all, you don’t have to agree with every word but the morality of the question he poses to us we have no answer to in our bankruptcy.

Is there anything worthy? Anything virtuous anything we can be proud of without caveat?

This clown

has a moral compass, but he’s spent his life following this clown

who was a puppet of this clown.

That’s not morality, its political economy. It’s not a compass it’s a broken spinliar.

This guy cannot operate outwith the range of an autocue and he doesn’t know if he’s either this, this, this, this, or this. He doesn’t know what CHANGE is, he’s under instructions to put everything back the way it used to be, oligarchy.

We don’t know what he is either all we do know is that everything about him is hazey from his birth/no birth certificate, to his college days, to his dodgy Chicago minders.

These are our leaders. Spouting dogmatic mantras about their echoingly empty beliefs and stunningly stunting stupefying faith.

Leadership in the New World Order would seem to be schizophrenic, psychopathic, toxic and empty of all human value. It is empty of morality, direction, virtue, self control and spirituality. Indeed it is to all intents and purpose alien, inhuman and non-human.

How long did we think that following the weekly ritual of attending the oracle that is the weekly shop could sustain our souls? We are heading back in time; the new business model is an Oracle. Generation after generation will give veneration at a fixed point in space and time. No more social mobility, no more improvement in the human condition, good bye mature human liberty. The scammers who stole the gold at Delphi will return to swipe your remaining wealth at Aldi.

Everything is devoid of virtue.

Slowly but surely the new man is being fashioned, cast him adrift as an atomic economic actor, destroy his morality and suck out his spirituality. Then all you have is an inhabited carbon based life form. No family, no nation, no society no thing at all. Bleak servitude to the oligarchic elite.

An elite who have family, their gametes are under lock and key, have a closed society and know what they are doing and their whole history stretching so far back in time you wouldn’t believe it.

Today the rapacious military machine in now part of a business plan/model with a business case to be made for its existence. If you don’t understand that you’ll never ever get why there is a distinct mismatch between our weapons and the real threat. Between the manufactured threat and the “victory” that never ever arrives.

A new onslaught is being prepared and I quote in “the population centers where the Afghan people are most threatened”( McChrystal Plots Counteroffensive ). Now I don’t know about you but if heard gunfire in the mountains I certainly would not be happy but if it stayed there I might get used to it. If I hear it moving into my city I might get the hell out PDQ. So what’s McCrystal really up to?

Well no one will actually tell you this but the deliberate destabilization of the entire region. Unlike USSR which sought a stable Afghan environment we seek to destabilize the whole of SW Asia. So in that case we are doing another VIETNAM only this time we’re doing the whole Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia thing in one go. We learned our lesson last time and it’s rolling out as per the script.

If our forces get consumed on the pyre it will not matter to TPTB. Our troops will be fed in until a critical point is reached that the funeral pyre for the region reaches self sustainability and then we’ll be out.

A society that cannot educate itself will forever be tortured by it’s hidden past as each generation repeats the mistakes of the previous generation. TPTB know this they seek to encourage it.

Has anyone heard from Colin Powell, he should know? Or is he following orders like he did investigating Mai Lai .

What is to be done? Thankfully that is easier done than said, though I don’t think you’ll like it. A stark choice is faced by us, we either become transhumanistic or we reject the whole lot and take what TPTB want from them and create a wholly open society.

Thankfully the things that we are told are our weaknesses like massive population numbers are our strength. The things that we are told to fear are our weapons against oppression and the things we are told to value are our chains.

The first thing to take on is the total fakery that is GREEN.

Now I’ll have to excuse myself the hour gets late and I must get on my push bike and do my rounds.

Heads up.


  1. I remember when the sun was yellow - now it's white?

  2. Just how old are you Scunnert? The sun is the "problem" I feel.


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