Tuesday 22 September 2009

Thank God I'm an optimist. Part three.

Interrupted on the flowing muse again. I want to continue by taking a qualitative look at what I’m getting at.

In UK plc to my mind there have been two really major transitions in the character of the country since the end of mediaeval serfdom.

The industrial revolution and the cultural revolution of the post WWII era.

I’ll take the first one as just happening. The second though has the dead hand of Tavistock turning UKplc into a giant experimental medico/socio/psylab for future export.

USofA corp has similarly had to my eye two transitions in its character, the depression and 1960s.

Millions are mooted to have died in the USofA depression and many millionaires (old elite back bone) were wiped out. The society that came afterwards was open to inveigling into the 1941-45 conflict after Japan was set up. All those dead farmers were independent souls resistant to change, gone. Just like the similarly genocided Ukrainians after they told Stalin’s CHEKA to get to pkekk.

The Great Society . A magnificent ambition, but all the while Tavistock working away in concert with intergenerational Tax exempt foundations to steal the whole country using Wall St. to pump money into BIS Basel.

UKplc and USofA are stoney broke. How much UKplc (London) fronted for this operation to steal the USofA from its people will only become apparent when the people of the US wake up. If UK plc think that Lockerbie/Magrahie made things difficult just watch.

However for now we are in synch.

Some UK plc bloggers have been picking up on Big Hermaphrodites’ unnatural appetites and Voice of the Resistance via GV , Derek Bennet’s & Shibby’s are on the case.

First thing to point out is that this is all par for the course with our mate Zbig , the man who tapped Soetoro in the lunch line at campus. Zbig is big on the big books with big ideas and one of his best is,

Between Two Ages: America's Role in the Technetronic Era.

From Page 99

Technological developments make it certain that modern society will require more and more planning.

Deliberate management of the American future will become widespread, with the planner eventually displacing the lawyer as the key social legislator and manipulator. This will put a greater emphasis on defining goals and, by the same token, on a more selfconscious

preoccupation with social ends. How to combine social planning with personal freedom is already emerging as the key dilemma of technetronic

America, replacing the industrial age's preoccupation with balancing social needs against requirements of free enterprise.

This was published 40 years ago or so and comes out from the mighty Bilderberg, Trilateral Commissioner thought box fermenting of mid 60s. So there’s been plenty of time to groom many freshers throughout the US and overseas to plant the meme that’s now unfolding. Unfolding events to change us again.

It came out just after this had hit the streets. The Report from Iron Mountain . Now no one can say whether TRIM is true or a hoax. However once the Universities are closed again the specially chosen will be allowed into the secret.

What we’re in for is a synchronized change in the old Anglo-Saxon North Atlantic areas.

Does anyone in the UK not remember this?

Now this was last week.

Notice anything?

In the first we see a state that is determined to crush non state actors affecting change in society. In the second we see a state’s actors determined not to stop a process of societal change by non-state (?) actors.

In the USofA we got this


Now what is the point of all this?

TPTB as I’ve said many times hate us. That is the racist bastards are indiscriminate in the hatred but they cannot live without us. A process of societal change is in play again where enough imported agents of change, and that means a phekk of a lot, are to be brought into the expanded socio/psy lab to create the new man and achieve transhumanism.

The timetable stretches over centuries, there is no rush. Moving from Alexandria->Rome->Venice->London->Berlin has taken millennia, even a tiny bit of the plan like getting rid of the divine right of kings in their chosen land took from Henry VIII to William of Orange.

One of the never breathed agendas of socialised medicine is the population as lab rats angle. That’s what Obama’s prime task has been. That’s the CHANGE.

Good health requires good food, clean water, sunlight, fresh air and shelter. Everything else is tinkering disguised as medicine. Why do you think they want to tinker with us?

If you’ve watched Zeitgeist you must view that through the transhumanist lens, it’s all part of the psyop. The expanded lab is now the Anglo-Saxon Atlantic Coast. In ASAC through never ending war the transhumanist agenda will form, creating a new religion, a new social paradigm and the re-establishment of oligarchy through NOAHide.

The future planned for us is Bronze Age.

The great tragedy in all this is that we’ve had our future stolen from us over and over again. Humanity is poorer for this nonsense. There is no where left to run and a great spiritual renewal is required to cast these malevolent forces from us all. There is no point in running it’s time to fight and this time look the real enemy face to face. When we run they get the chance to skulk. Stop it, turn round, force them out and take them down. If not we die like dogs.

Heads up.


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