Wednesday 23 September 2009

Happy days in the Malvinas?


And the world keeps turning, madness piled upon madness bundled, securitised and sold off as derivative wisdom.

At last someone somewhere in UK MoD knows how to use scarce hardware effectively.

Phekkin’ A.

Wohh now, hold on, the great big leavers clank into place steam valves open and YES!!!!

What a crock of shit.

They’ve no phekkin’ guns, so anyone with smarts will send 10 drones with fertiliser bombs on board towards Stanley AND then invade.

Who removed the guns as a cost saving measure whilst selling our gold into the criminal, mafia gold market at the same time he was bigging it up with the Feds Pan Galactic Pyramid Selling Scheme?

Yes our mate highlighted over at Rab’s place.

Lets bathe some more in the sheer genius of Dope on the Rope Boy.

Check Craig Murray .

“I'm wondering whether this backhanded vote of confidence in the Trident replacement program doesn't sound the death knell of the UK's sea based deterrent. I suppose it's possible to run a full deterrent patrol with only three boomers, but it wouldn't be easy, and would lead to enormous wear on both crew and equipment. I wouldn't be surprised if the replacement program goes down something like this: An official determination is made that the Royal Navy can get by on three SSBNs, followed in a couple years by a determination that three boats can't do the job, followed by the termination of the program.” Future Royal Navy Boomer in Trouble.

So the award winning fuckwitz is talking pish as usual, lying bastard.

Whilst we are on the missiles malarkey Obama wants US nuke number take down and control of ALL nukes to be in the hands of the President only.

Cool, but what if the Pres is a gangster’s bitch boy?

Heads up.


  1. Rab if he thinks the jobs hard now, just wait until they have to start delivering the drugs by the truck load in November to No10!!!!


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