Tuesday 29 September 2009

50/50 or better. Heads down.

This basically continues with some of the musings in my post How long is the Long War?*

In that shambles I hopefully got over to you my feeling that a massive long term project of cultural vandalism was at play using various methods to erase Indo-European archaeological evidence in a great arc from Serbia to the Indus.

If the lads on the vid above succeed in winding the whole Iran thing up into an enormous conflagration then here’s some things we’ll never get a look at again. No more tourist visits. No more archaeology and academic endeavour to find out about the past. Just a great big radioactive dump with wandering groups of skeletal wreckage.

Here’s a good map

And here’s a good summary of the wanderings of the Indo-Europeans. It’s got a map as well.

An Exploration Into Indo - European Migration Towards South Asia

Here’s a language map.

Some info about Iran.Interesting Persia.

Now I don’t know about you but I love ziggurats there was a nice one here at Tappeh Sialk. This is also named Kashan and Natanz I believe.

Now if I play mix and match with these two sources here and here. Then take the second source and just do simple wiki searches on the place names. Well that’s more cultural heritage blown to hell in a hand cart then!!!!

The second source isn’t even the most up to date.

Hope you can see what I’m getting at here.

If the great big 2009 list of politico/nuke related targets in Iran gets the green light, no matter who’s involved we can expect the destruction of more heritage. More memory obliterated. They don’t even have to drop any BIG STICKS. The Depleted Uranium for the little sticks will be more than enough to keep us away. Not to mention the savage bands of wandering survivors.

The tally would then be Balkans (Genocide/War), Turkey (Dams), Iraq (War/Sanctions/War/Genocide), Iran? Then Pakistan and NW India to come. Sweet.

The one thing that our clever foundation intellectuals in the vid didn’t mention though is the 2 Zillion pound turd in the room. What about the Saudi Chink Missiles, who’s got their finger on that button? And what’s under the pointy end of the things? And why does no one ever mention them, they’ve been there for decades. If the Pakistanis using Saudi money and N Korean know how can get the BIG STICKS, well go on then follow that line of thought.

And if the N Koreans have that stuff how did they get it in the first place?

And then you’ve got to ask yourself Kim Jong-Il, where have I seen that hair before?

Heads up.


  1. and, while we're talking strange resemblances, why does that ass clown rosen talking to that other ass clown matthews look like this clown here:


    why are ass clowns running the world?
    this should be illegal. i strenuously object.

  2. AP,

    no kidding. There is simply no accounting for reality. It causes fictional disonance. ;-)


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