Tuesday 22 September 2009

Thank God I'm an optimist. Part two.

Yesterday I once again didn’t get round to finishing off the great empty vault vibe, it was late and I got distracted. Distracted by a trip over to visit the Dundee Wifey , check out the dalek invasion at Pseudepigrapha , pay my respects to wholly RUDE, and check that Scunnert hadn’t fallen out of bed again. By the time I’d done all that, parked my push bike at the side of the house and closed the back door I was ready for bed.

So I didn’t get to continue the stream of unconsciousness until this morning so here goes.

If I successfully left you with the disquieting feeling that the highest office in the West has been deliberately turned into a joke then I ask what else would TPTB make into a three ringed circus.

Here in UK plc it is currently this malarkey described by doughty blogosphere cudgels today. Calling England: The Law of The Land . Old Holborn : The Attorney General of the UK is a criminal & The Red Rag: Scotland Update- Breaking the law is not a resigning issue

There are some, who walk safely unmolested amongst us who believe that the laws and traditions that allow that happy state of affairs are vulgar impositions of the majority. That majority that turned up just over 200 years ago and which these elitists detest and wish expunged from existence.

A perverse state of affairs but true.

Their beliefs are older than our open society, droit du seigneur, Star chamber and are oligarchic.

They love to live in gated communities, not choose to or are forced to but actually love so. Think of The Sherriff of Nottingham. Having a great big draw bridge to waggle up and down at the scum must have really choked his chicken!!!

Pass badly thought out statutes in your traitors’ parliament, enforce the statues arbitrarily, force the people to submit to rule by fiat, remove their pocket change by arbitrary tax farming and then make a mockery of the whole legal structure by putting law officers up for ridicule.

Oh there should be no sympathy for Baroness Scotland she was chosen for this role and she got what she deserved from us, our loathing and contempt. Note how she’s still there though. Those playing the situation rubbing it in our scummy, peasant faces.

She’s supposed to be a mental heavy weight with the brain the size of Nelson Mandela’s ego, well how come she didn’t know or care about this.

Slavery and from the tip top Aangirfan

A LABOUR politician!!!!!!! A labour politician from the scummy peasantry would have!!!!

Moving poor people all around the world to be maids and house keepers provides cover, valuable cover.

But then from Droit de Seigneur slaves don’t count.

Heads up.


  1. Oh yes Scunnert,

    the high and mighty have that in mind for all our children.

  2. Thank you for the mention incoming; you're the first to mention Baroness Scotland employing a slave - the irony of a Labour apparatchik with a slave, what would Labour's founders think?

  3. polaris,

    no sweat, nice sleepers!!!!

    Yes Barry's Arab lineage is slaving from what I can gather.

    Next we'll find out that Gordon Brown's lineage is direct from Beira!!!


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