Wednesday 9 September 2009

Young Zorzi.

We return to Zorzi, who we left in June contemplating business in the Adriatic and child sacrifice, though we go back to late 1989 when he was an initiate. The location is the secret tavern under the Temple. Zorzi is listening to the quiet conversation between the two most powerful alchemist entities in the world. The Sovereign’s Capparus Leepinton and from over the water Karbaverdre Pont Grunschpeil.

C has just been remarking to K about future plans in the Kingdom “…..and of course with the success of our agent in the USSR we see no further threat to our plans within the Kingdom at all.” K sipped at his sweet white wine, though no goblet was to be gleaned.

K arched an eyebrow and hissily continued “Remember what happened in the old days that caused us to take up residence in that foul smelling lagoon. There will always be a threat from the East” Another rat was despatched in one long tongueful. Though no golden platter held the deceased rodents, special Tiberian rodents.

“Yes I missed Altinum dreadfully at first. But we really had no ties there and our mission is much more important. Have you been to Venice recently?” enquired C taking another gentle sip.

“I love the old place, but I still say you need to watch the East.” K snapped, lashing his tongue out again to the Tiberians.

“Der Fuhrertochter is known, we have plans...” “Never have plans you must act!” snapped K again, bye bye another Tiberian.

C straightened up and said monotonously “S will deal with DFT when the time comes, it is inevitable. However locally we have to free the Floating City from the ties that bind us first.”

“The outliers? How will you do that?” K silvered. C sipped his last and said “They will do it for us, and then all the power and gold will again reside here and we will be free to complete the plan for total global rule at last.”

“I’ll drink to that” cheered K and the last Tiberian was gone.

“We’ve got two Scots fools in preparation…….” Zorzi let C drone on. So it was true during his time there would be a freeing of the floating City. At last after nearly a millennium since the site was chosen and 500 years since they turned Henry VIII, London would be free of the rest of these stinking damp isles.

“By Lucifer I miss Venice” Zorzi reflected.

He felt hungry, “Waiter, my you’re a fine looking fellow, a goblet of white and three Tiberians.” Zorzi ordered in his most charming manner. Z felt hot tonight.

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