Saturday 5 September 2009

High frequency trading, high velocity theft and G20 Goonshow.

This MSM spincrap is going to do nothing. Regulation for Banker bonuses!!! My fuckin’ ass!!!!!


Well how do you regulate criminal activity? Surely you outlaw it!!!

G20 is all over the MSM esp. in UK plc to prepare the ground for the disappearance of everyone’s pension, cuts in pensions already being paid and the removal of public services.

This is because someone stole all the money.

How did they do that? Well they built the world’s biggest theft engine.

Where is that theft engine?

Goldman Sachs.

This is how it works. It takes a bit of reading.

So the clowns that have pitched up for the G20 bash are either criminals/complicit/idiots/cowards or frightened goons.

Heads up.

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