Wednesday 2 September 2009

The Almighty Dollar, whose was it? Whose will it?

Dark Lochnagar has a wonderful pick of what a trillion US dollars looks like.

Now I have always got problems with accountancy/economics because they are the direct descendents of entrails giggerypokery. See how I got into trouble with that malarkey last week!!!

Now a trillion is a BIG MF number. However what will buy you the ability to storm other people’s countries whether by invite or not, is not necessarily the size of the number. Try invading anywhere with a trillion dongs, it’s the magical attributes of your denomination that lets you pour suppressing pyrotechnics on the aboriginals.

Remember when UK plc had the greatest line of battle on the planet, all bought on tick. Once the big stouchie was over and we had to pay for the things, several processes started.

Firstly most were scrapped, obsolescence doesn’t figure, they were tokens of debt.

Secondly our industrial infrastructure was removed bit by bit, giving us less ability to pay off our debt.

Thirdly the magic attributed to the pound sterling began to ebb away.

If the Yankee Dollar is losing its magic then we can predict two things.

One, like the far outposts of the Roman Empire, outrider US military projects will disappear.

Two the magic of money will transfer elsewhere, most likely to South America.

“Not China?” I hear you ask. No China is already fully integrated within NOAHide. S America is as yet virgin territory for the societal re-engineering that fiat currency can deliver.

Now perhaps I’m beginning to get to the root of why Iberia is looming large in the financial world.

Get your children to flamenco class.

Heads up.

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