Tuesday 8 September 2009

What to make of all this?

Earlier today I replied to one of scunnert's postings and we both agreed on the word barbaric in relation to fascism.

That random occurrence has lead me to post the following more for added information about the veracity of the events described, than anything else.

Just WTF happened at Baghdad Airport April 4-6th 2003?

For I fell for the propaganda screen at the time, well not so much fell as I could see the whole Saddam statue toppling malarkey was bollox, more switched off and therefore may have missed the clues.

Now regular readers of my inanity will remember that I do not subscribe to the usual legend about recent history, nuclear weapon development and usage as I posted a couple of months back.

Now after the last Big One apart from the tests and the upper atmospheric stuff, actual in the heat of the action use of the things never happened. There were accidents of course, too many to mention, and some of our hot heads fancied planting some nukes during the Korean Police Action and even Vietnam, but nothing actually went bang live.

Oh there were rumours of something having been used by someone in the Gulf 1991, and some may have been lost 1990/91 and recovered by unknown/onwanted parties, but no definite evidence of cabhoom!!!!

Then yesterday as I was looking for something else hidden in clear sight I came across this.

People flee Baghdad in night of hell

Iraq’s Mystery Weapon

Iraq warns of martyrdom operations at Baghdad Airport

US Takes Baghdad Airport as World Awaits Republican Guard Response

Iraq’s secrets are tumbling out

US accused of using neutron bombs

Did U.S. use neutron bomb in Battle of Baghdad?

And a whole lot of blog noise here, here, here, here, here & here.

“According to a November 2003 study by the Uranium Medical Research Center, witnesses living next to Baghdad airport reported a huge death toll following one morning’s attack from aerial bursts of thermobaric and fuel air bombs. Since then, a vast area has been "landscaped" by US earth movers, and fenced. Jo Wilding, a British human rights observer in Baghdad, has documented a catalogue of miscarriages, hair loss, and horrific eye, skin and respiratory problems among people living near the area. Yet the US and Britain steadfastly refuse to allow the International Atomic Energy Agency to conduct systematic monitoring tests for uranium contamination in Iraq.” Pilger

Heavy hauling at the airport.

For if any of this is neutron stuff is true then my fears for Af/Pak are now increased by an order of magnitude!!!


  1. The properties which characterize the enhanced radiation device result from variations in applied quantum physics. Most.conventiona1 thermonuclear.weapons are based on the fission process, in which isotopes of uranium or plutonium are compressed into a "critical mass or fissile core) and then split by heavy, sub-atomic particles called neutrons. The energized neutrons reproduce themselves in an explosive chain reaction. Each fission neutron reaction releases an average of three neutrons, yet these account for only a 1.. 3 minimal proportion of the weapon's total energy output. By far the largest share is transmitted through the thermal heat and blast of recoiling fragments of radioactive uranium and plutonium atoms, which comprise most of the weapon's fall-0ut.l

    The fusion process, by contrast, requires the combination of isotopes of the lightest element, hydrogen (composed of deuterium and tritium into slightly heavier atoms of helium, a reaction that must nonetheless be "triggered" by the tremendous temperatures and pressures generated by a fission explosion. According to Air Vice-Marshal Steward Menaul of the Roy91 United Services Institute Fission weapons, at the instant of detonation release about 5% of their energy in the form of prompt radiation. The rest is dispersed in the thermal pulse and blast effects. The new-type, low-yield weapons based on fusion release up to 80% of their energy in prompt radiation (high-energy neutrons and gamma rays) while blast effects are kept to a very low level. This characteristic is known as enhanced radiation, and the effect of a weapon of this kind would be approximately the same as from a fission weapon of ten times the yield 2 It is essentially the suppression of the blast/heat effects relative to similar or higher-yield fission weapons which magnifies the intensity of the neutron radiation emitted, a form of radiation extremely lethal to living tissue.

  2. cont ...

    Extensive radiobiological re search has documented the damage to the mammalian central nervous system caused by variable exposure to neutron bombardment. The dosages of absorbed radiation (measured in rads) diminish in lethality as the distance from ground zero, where the confluence of destructive forces is maximized, increases. Those within a restricted "kill radius" of approximately one square mile (blast induced structural damage would be confined to several hundred yards) would suffer either instantaneous death or phased degrees of 'fatal illness and functional incapacitation.

    The United States Army has established battlefield casualty criteria of absorbed neutron radiation levels ranging from 8,000 rads (high) to 650 rads (low) which correlate with graduated human responses. Con trary to some speculation, it seems unlikely that enemy troops so afflicted, even at the lower end of the "rad-band" spectrum could effectively discharge-combat operations.

    Beyond the circumscribed radius, however and (assuming the adoption of even moderate insulation measures) the radiation distribution is said to be negligible. Among other factors, the ex tent of radioactive contamination depends upon the detonation al titude of the weapon, with appropriate air bursts decreasing fall out, since the atomic fireball would probably not touch the ground.

    Unlike thermonuclear fission weapons, moreover, the residual neutron radiation of fusion devices dissipates within hours, further reducing unintended damage and permitting friendly forces to 1. See The Los Angeles Times, July 13, 1977, p. 10 2. Cited in Current News, August 15, 1977, p. 11-F (Toronto Globe and Mail August 8, 1977, p. 7 4 rapidly secure the affected battlefield. In an area like West Germany, with an average population density exceeding 650 persons per square mile, this fact is of no small consequence.


    Is it not more likely that illnesses suffered by US military forces and Iraqi civilians was the result of depleted uranium shells?

    At any rate your links scare the shit out of me. Is there no depravity that power mongers will not sink to? That's rhetorical BTW.




  3. Scunnert,

    yes the DU angle is my favourite for the toxological and radiological afflictions imposed on the people, ours, theirs, everyone out there.

    (BTW this DU factor is the one that gives the lie to man made pollution and global warming!!)

    However I've researched enough over the years on many subjects to get that feeling, that feeling that something shitty has been covered over by our lovely MSM and academia.

    There is a Katyn/Dresden feel to this.

    I didn't post up other links which are unrelated to the subject but relate to overall body count numbers on both sides in Iraq and they are very big compared to what we've been told.

    Summit'is up here.


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