Sunday 6 September 2009

Taxing times ahead.

CF is boiling again over at his place and no wonder.

Having returned recently from the joys of shopping Japanese style I’ll never darken the doorway of any of these UK fly by night emporia that seek to trap you, not serve you, but imprison you on premises and quite literally pick your pocket. Boy they love the medicated, infirm, insane and senile.

And these business owners get invited to ADVISE govt. and hang out at Bilderburger chow downs!!!!


The same type of goons are running the logistical nightmare that is UK armed forces. You watch there is a major fuckup on the way with supplying our lads.

When I posted this last weekend its starkest detail was the simple calculus of more troops on the ground the more body bags in Blighty.

Which bit of “get them home they are not achieving anything that we the British people want, and they never can no matter how deluded we become”, don’t the delusional fools running this country understand?

Obama’s got a Nero complex, oh fuck, Brown’s out of space/time fuck me gently with a hot wire brush and the new Japanese premier’s a cousin of the guy he replaced and his squeeze has been to Venus spleenmeltinglyphekkingphantastic.

WTF are there no normal non-inbred people around that can lead our nations?

Britain was Great once, and the simple things did it for us.

I always remember reading a book about the emergence of UK plc as top banana in Europe pre Napoleon. Though not apparent at that time the seeds for British pre-eminence had been planted way back.

The author of the book related within France and England (UK) plc, the top contenders, both nations had no obvious superiority over each other during the 18th C, but slowly UK plc became numero uno. The difference?

Tax farming

Good old Blighty had a more honest system, God bless us.

So with that in mind what do we have today in UK plc?

Yep tax farming, that’s all the agencies that have infested white hall are for, it’s EU wide and already in the USofA big time.

The business of business is no longer free enterprise, the business of business is now extortion. If the RICO laws in the USofA are no longer effective, and I see no bankers in chains, don’t give me Madoff he’s omerta, then we are going to be living in a global satrapy.

Bye bye democracy it’s hard to die

When all the….

The seasons in the sun have gone.

All we’ve got is the vote and they’ll be after that next.

Use the RVM on every and all occasions. It will save us.

Heads up.


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