Saturday 19 September 2009

From a 1000 year perspective nothing has happened really.

What are we there for?

If you read the following extract I believe a little confusion may be felt by any Brit who’s gone for the oil route malarkey. I’ll give that motivation some veracity though.

“Add to this the Russian analyst, Sergey Mikheev's Sep.7 statement when he said "the major purpose of the Pentagon moving into Afghanistan and of NATO waging its first war outside of Europe was to exert influence on, and domination over, a vast region of South and Central Asia that has brought Western military forces – troops, warplanes, surveillance capabilities – to the borders of China, Iran and Russia, it becomes difficult to assess whether Moscow wholeheartedly seeks US success in Afghanistan, or not. Russia's persuasion of Kyrgyzstan to close Manas air base created additional problems for the U.S. All of this indicates that cooperation between the U.S. and Russia in Afghanistan is complex."

In the final analysis, Russia does want the US to stay in Afghanistan and stabilize the country. Russia has already agreed to provide free passage for NATO supplies to Afghanistan, seeing the war as a danger to both Russia and the East.

Russia fears about the possibility of a deal between the U.S. and the Taliban, and in relation to this a sharp turn in U.S. foreign policy, indicate a continuous fear of instability both in Central Asia and Russia proper. Russia is struggling with its north Caucasian instability brought about by the Saudi-British combination pushed through the Wahaabis. Shlapentokh says the Russian elite entertain a lingering fear that a U.S. debacle could also lead to a new realignment in the Middle East from Iran to Afghanistan where any solutions would come at Russia's expense." "And these feelings have led to an increasingly muddled Russian policy toward Afghanistan and the U.S. presence in the country," Shlapentokh concludes..” Ref

However clock these two, US Army new combat camo for Af/Pak (NZ forces also have new kit) and this from BAIAC and you want to boak.

Thanks for this to VotR and Goodnight Vienna for the comment therein and the question begs again.

Well let me take you into the garden again.

We are there for a very specific reason and that is to mix it all up and create such a local disturbance that a wave of psychopathic violence will be unleashed in SW Asia.

This unbroken trail of psychopathy leads from WWII, previous to which as I will moot later sequential memes were installed in the consciousness of the West so successfully that despite what we believe to be the case it has run continuously and successfully all along.

WTF are you on about I hear you mock?

The unleashing of area bombing on Germany and Japan (Japan I will admit was a special case since munitions weight dropped envy took Hap Arnold down that path late when an excuse was stumbled upon. The USofA was at that point a moral nation!!! That’s why thwy’ve been taken down.) Remember who was with the US crews when the first A Bombs were dropped, ceremonial. I digress.

The meme was entered and the registering of that fear in UK plc allowed the long planned psychopathy to be unleashed. The meme was unconditional war. The experiment, urban bombing of civilian populations. Both meme and experiment require very large populations.

Vietnam allowed the experiment to be refined in a smaller stage. Can anyone actually give a logical reason that accounts for the USofA involvement in SE Asia other than as part of an experiment? The smaller stage required a different mode for the clearance of urban populations, the first one failed, cue Pol Pot.

In these specific cases, and I believe the model can be made general, plans were rolled out with the objective of causing massive societal trauma in the selected war areas centred on urban extermination using a limited catalyst of Western forces, specifically Imperial.

That’s what we are there for.

The ramifications of this are utterly apocalyptic. You don’t have to believe me, just think about it.

If we destabilize areas in this fashion and cause massive devastation then SW Asia is heading for a huge body count and this time it is so remote from TPTB that racially profiled biological weapons may be used by/on locals. We’ve been conditioned for this by GWOT. Don’t look so smug for the origin of this evil will find itself transformed into another type of society. Can you see the link with massive immigration now. These are the home based tendrils into this kind of operation.

You may find the society changed but TPTB will not, this is one of the keys to how they view life and how they think.

I’ll go off at a tangent briefly and then come back if I may.

The word FAITH seems to intrude in all our leaders wordspew, you know who I mean.

Then clock this* and read the whole pile of steaming ordure in the link at the bottom.


US Secretary of State commends Alliance OF Civilizations

Speaking in New York City on September 11, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton underlined the importance of the UN Alliance of Civilizations.

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton“As President Obama noted in his historic speech in Cairo, faith should bring us together. That’s why we have welcomed international efforts such as Turkey and Spain’s leadership in the Alliance of Civilizations” said Mrs. Clinton.

Her remarks were made on the occasion of the Roosevelt Institute’s Four Freedoms Medals Gala Dinner. They follow President Obama’s own remarks about the Alliance of Civilizations in his Cairo speech in June 2009.

The Secretary of State’s full speech can be found here:

I believe that anyone reading the twaddle I’ve been percolating on this page could take the foul bitch aside and refute everything she’s just vomited into the universe by that sequence of barph barks. Then give her a good pimp slapping. Never forget Mena airstrip.

However after you’d been taken out by the MiB and she’d been resussed in A&E and given a transplant soul from the undead donors, she’d have all your families graves dug up and their remains despoiled. You’d have your head stuck on a pike after being hung drawn and quartered as part of a public ceremonial and ritual. How dare you.

If this sounds media-eval that’s deliberate, another little chink into how they think.

They’re all blowing faith up the collecetive bum. Why?

To get us ready for the new one world religion. Which will be NOAHide. A bronze age construct of delusional shepherds.

So to finish, thank phekk your no doubt sighing,

21 Sept is the 143rd Anniversary of HG Wells’ birth, a man responsible for placing, very carefully, so many memes into the public consciousness with his chums, Tavistock, Bloomsbury and others.

You are finding all sorts of high strangness evidenced at the moment in this high strangness density month.

Think Google.

They are not infallible but as long as we are stupid they’ll get what they want and laugh at us.

Heads up.

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  1. Watch for alcohol being banned and non-muslim women in head scarves in the fashion magazines. We are being groomed for the future.


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