Monday 28 September 2009


The madness of logistics, what makes us think it will be different this time?

“In fact, the Americans expected every item from aircraft parts to toilet paper to be supplied and shipped by the British. Fortunately, the American commander of the base, of his own volition, eventually chose to interpret his orders quite liberally. In fact, he disregarded them. So much so that by the time the BPF and fleet train arrived in Manus “anything that could be given without Admiral King’s knowledge” was provided.In the end, the American commander even offered the facilities of a complex located on a nearby island (that included a hospital, cinema and church) to his British guests. Such support was very fortuitous for the British because, as shall be seen, this assistance was instrumental in the RN’s ability to sail and fight in the subsequent months.” P36 MASTERS OF DEFENCE STUDIES THESIS, THE BRITISH QUEST FOR “BEANS, BULLETS, AND BLACK OIL” IN THE PACIFIC By/par Commander M.B. Watson

First Afghan War

Whatever spews from the mouths of The Downing Strasse Mob you can be sure it is rubbish.

We have certifiable moonjuice sluicing criminals and incompetents sending UK forces into other people’s back gardens to hunt down evil fomented by our own duplicity. How much more barking does it have to get?

We are not welcome there, have no right to be there and have left the moral high ground open to capture by evil. Once that happens there is no right and wrong. Just happenstance. Happenstance like Pol Pot, like Beira, like Herod.

UK forces home now. No questions, no prevarication, no more dead for NOTHING.

Heads up.

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