Friday, 17 July 2009


I once worked, very briefly, with a young chap who was cooling his heels in our place doing part time work. He was a mathematician by trade with double first from Oxbridge. He was following that well worn path Habs/Oxbridge/Investment banking, having graduated 2001.

Unfortunately for him his employer had had some their offices wrecked in the town he was supposed to move to start work the previous autumn. A very pleasant chap very bright, indeed he was working with a couple of his mates and they were witty, smart and good company.

So he was cooling his heels until he started with his employer at alternate premises most likely he told me in the summer 2002. We all got to yakking and I asked him a general knowledge question since we were running through the gamut of what exactly had happened 9/11. I asked him “When was Pearl Harbour?” he couldn’t put a date on it. I asked him how much time had elapsed between PH and the “dropping of the first A-bomb”. “A year?” he said shrugging his shoulders.

He left us shortly after to go and play over seas with his extended family until he got into the workplace. I’ve always looked back on that and pondered “If one of the best of the best didn’t know the answer to these general knowledge questions we are pkekked”. For you cannot even start to challenge the given if you yourself are adrift.

So let’s start putting the boot in ‘cos we are adrift in a very dangerous place. On the way I’ll try and put some flesh on other answers that young man should have had ready to hand.

Charles Clarke former Home Secretary, the unshaven jabbering chimp. Once said “"I don't mind there being some medievalists around for ornamental purposes, but there is no reason for the state to pay for them," he said on a visit to University College, Worcester. He only wanted the state to pay for subjects of "clear usefulness", according to today's Times Higher Educational Supplement.”

So what he’s really saying is “foundation money to write your easily digested history”. Clown. You can see why only clowns currently inhabit the Home Office since the real agenda and power comes out of the “Justice Ministry”. Doesn’t that really make the hair on your neck stand up? Listen to those words “Justice Ministry”. It’s like “Reality Ministry” if you read that you’d worry for your family.

What’s the real history behind the events that have shaped our world recently?

Conventional history has the following narrative for the A-Bomb powers story.

US 1945, Russia 1949, UK 1952. With Rothschild agents transferring knowledge back and forth way behind the scenes.

Now here’s an alternative that perhaps you may only have heard hints of but will illuminate some anomalies, current and past.

1944 Germany, 1944 US, 1945 Japan.

1944 Germany.

Now in all references you will find as exemplified one above some sort of allusion to “Dropping” as in aerial bombardment. Well all forms considered for atomic bomb attack and delivery until 1944/45 were to be seaborne. This could explain some interesting and apparently isolated incidents (trial runs


warnings) such as this, though with bona fide cover stories. The weight of the charge would be about right for a 1940s A-bomb.

1944 US

Port Chicago. Notice the railcars from Los Alamos.

1945 Japan.

Sea borne again. You’ve got to pay for this one though. I wonder why.

This one gives some interesting background on gold related to the above.

Note the importance of the fuses, they’re German.

So this is what you can ferret when you put your mind to it. It not only reads better than the guff we are supposed to believe but it sheds light on a current puzzle.

Konan=Hungnam=North Korea.

We must also drop the whole thing into the Rockefeller/Rothschild framework. No matter whether the above is twaddle or not, or the conventional legend is true or not, the R/R framework illuminates more puzzles.

WWII saw the ascendancy of the Rockefeller part of the background story to all our world history in the 20th Century. Then world vaguely mirrored that of the16th century where the Spanish had gone west and the Portuguese east.

So Post WW11. Europe/Asia all the way out to Kamchatka. Rothschild

Americas across the pacific to China. Rockefeller.

UK stuck on a fault line.

China is/was part of the other R/R fault line. USofA has always had a love affair with the Chinese

So whose camp of R/R is China in? Is China outside the camps? China might have been Rothschild until the Cultural Revolution. It might be Rockefeller since then. Where is it?

Well back to Pearl Harbor.

The Japanese empire was deeply tied to R/R banking interests but left the protection of the mob to go it’s own way clearly after the Wall St crash/depression and got hit, kind of St Valentine’s Day stuff.

So Pearl Harbor, false flag?

You leave R/Rs game and they’ll stop arguing and come and get you.

9/11 a New Pearl Harbor? No, no one in the enterprise had left R/R’s game so no.

The real New Pearl Harbor will only happen when someone who won’t join or has left the fold gets uppity.

China are they in the fold?

Don’t know yet.

If they establish a central bank along the lines of the Fed then they are in. More interestingly if they get right into the Green scam and go along with the global warming carbon credits Ponzi scheme then all is cool. If there is any uppityness because of the current global financial mess then expect TNPH in SW Asia right on the borders of China. Where we are now.

Other nations inline for a New Pearl Harbor if they don’t play the R/R game...India, Indonesia, Brazil.

Heads up