Saturday, 15 August 2009

The Universal Spreadsheet where you the individual are pigeon holed. Ironic innit!!!

Local news has Yukio Hatoyama on the election merry go round. I don't generally pay attention to these guys but something caught my eye on his material. The word "CHANGE”. Uh oh. So a little digging turns this up.

DPJ platform vows to weaken bureaucrats

He’s been groomed and from the correct background.

Blue-blood and corruption eh! Sounding familiar? All we need to do is ID some behavioural economists “advising” DPJ and bingo they’re in.

With Eire going to the polls re Lisbon the local tellee here sent their finest to Dublin and ran of some stats. 12.2% unemployed. 25% under 25s unemployed. A talking head saying that they don’t expect to see any “green shoots” until 2011. So that’s that then. Blackmail is assured in order to get the vote through.

Now assuming the vote does go through does anyone know what log jam of directives and statutes is waiting for the green light? I don’t know but I’m guessing there is such a log jam and that someone out there knows what we’re not being told.

All the above waffle simply illustrated that TPTB have their hands full. Too full to give UK plc much time which is why it’s all gone quiet in UKplcLand.

Too quiet.


OK this is going to go round the block so pour yourself a finger of the rough stuff and lets go.

It all started this morning when I read the word “pot” in a UK blog. Now this is a trigger word for me because it’s the word that the GGT liars use when they want to cover for a rip off of the UK public. A pot is used to obfuscate, muddy and make unclear the issues around a financial crime. Insurance companies and pensions are the main arenas that this word “pot” is deployed in to take your eye off the ball. It is also emolliative and soothing when whispered to you by the GGT stooges. It is soporific and calming as they NLP you into lala land.

BTW I’m not suggesting that the UK blogger was in anyway other than innocently using the word. No GGT stoogism is implied by this rant on their part.

The subject that called forth the word was UK NHS and the strange silence surrounding what is quite clear to us, that UK plc cannot afford KY jelly never mind a National Health Service.

To understand these words is to misunderstand the NHS.

The NHS is merely a vehicle through which public funds are decanted into the corporate spreadsheets of business plans. If the NHS were actually there to fulfil what we imagine it should be doing then there would be no NICE, no infertility treatment and no A&E full of Saturday night vermin.

The fact that there is NICE is to curtail expensive and effective treatments that would eat the cash flow into these corporate spreadsheets, the fact that there is infertility treatment is a remnant of fundamental research in camera and the A&E is touchpoint camouflage to keep up appearances whilst the slight of hand gets into the accounting processes.

So the silence from our so called leaders is two fold, one they’ve been told to keep their heads down until the other circuses are finished, esp. Eire. Two any delving into public finances will reveal some ugly truthes if there is no MSM covering fire via an unfolding crisis.

Just what would a close look at Gordon Brown’s cooked books reveal?

Well when the cuts come, and they will, they will be massive and massively asymmetric in their application.

Let me explain, the revenue flows into the corporate spreadsheets are sacrosanct. Commercial confidentiality means that you’ll never get to see how much of your doe goes straight into these rivers of public money via PFI etc. They are written into Fleet and cannot be changed. Services that you and I experience, they can be curtailed immediately.

So if public sector spending is to accept 20% average reduction in funding, that’s an across the board cut of 20% you’d think. However this is where the asymmetry comes in because the revenue flows into the corporate spreadsheets which are modeling cash flow out into the third decade of this century cannot be changed. So that means cuts in what we experience will be more that a nominal 20%.

And this is the bit we are not supposed to see. If we get a figure showing actual cuts, or we are allowed to work it out for ourselves, then we can work back and find out just how much we are being ripped off for under the guise of commercial confidentiality. We could at last gaze on that bit in the great big corporate spreadsheet that says MONEY IN, SOURCE UK TAXPAYER.

That’s what they will do everything to avoid. So when the 40% cuts in NHS spending come along you can expect all sorts of covering fire to be opened up to keep you off balance. One being curtailment of public sector pensions. Just watch it’s all being rehearsed. Cameron’s gone quiet because he’s being run through the great big panto he and his mates will be expected to perform once they are in power.

Now this PFI malarkey segues nicely into another area of vast stoochying to come.

UK armed forces.

I’ve been watching the CVF story for well over a decade now all the time wondering how they are going to break the news that there never will be new carriers of the size being sold to us.

I know my Washington Cherry Trees and if RN carriers of the size envisaged were indeed to be floated then the problems encountered by the designers of the G3s, Matla class and CVA01 would have to be finally addressed. Where do you park such vast hulls in UKplc.

Has anyone actually witnessed a keel laying ceremony anywhere? All I’ve seen so far is some highly paid people shuffling deck chairs round the flight deck.

So my feeling has always been that at some point a convenient financial crisis would torpedo the programme and all they had to do was rearrange the deck fauna until that day came.

However a further thought springs to mind. If through the clever way they plan to build the carriers UK docks do indeed build them, what if they are based elsewhere?

What if thanks to France reintegrating into NATO the big floating airfields get parked in Brest?

And that takes me back to that log jam.

Come on the PHEKKIN’ IRISH!!!!! Stick them in the eye.

If you don’t there will be a Euro draft soon. If we thought the Blair/Brown Spetznas show was bad just wait until the Teutonic Zionists start on us.

If ever there were a word to describe Blair/Brown/Mandeltrot/Sarkozy/Obama/Merkel et al. the word is sleekit.

Heads up.