Thursday 27 August 2009

NaZoviet Jeeviljangling and how to stop it.

Let’s face it.

Finally let’s face it; it’s all a great big charade.

“What is?” I hear you ask.

Well there is no other way of putting this, everything.

Can you imagine going on the way we were, constantly circling through Tesco’s every week in an incessant ritual year after year, generation after generation?

Can you imagine trudging into work through staged chaos every day ad infinitum?

Can you imagine a more deranged state than to spend your holidays in a prison camp, queuing 90% of the time for 30 seconds on a ride?

Can you imagine sending your child to a state sponsored dumbification academy for the first 15-20 years of their post toddler existence?

Can you imagine letting experiments be run on your children through educational and medical professions?

Can you imagine sending your warriors, and their always will be some God bless ‘em, out to die with no suitable weaponry in fruitless campaigns that are being run by the same clowns that always stay at home and play off both sides?

Can you imagine consenting to living in a prison island that brings in thieving mercenary crime families under the guise of refugee/human rights whilst leaving those who paid for it all in the first place to die by NaZoviet NICE rationing of care?

If you can then why don’t you do something about it. Use the Rigorous Voting Method and drive the parasitical scum sucking leeches that infest our body politic in to the void.

It is the start of a long journey to recapture that independent spirit that made us once great and we were great make no mistake about that. Don’t let the doublespeakjeeviljanglers fool you with their NaZoviet lies, before they turned up to steal our nation we were an industrious, resourceful people.

Now what do we have, the aboriginals are all out of real work and the new arrivals are all taking their rightful benefits somewhere in the smothering cesspit of governance!!!!

I’d love to see the Chinese fall for that, but we have. Time to haul the pirate ship onto a new course and storm the bridge.

Once we’ve done that we can start on tackling the scourge of mankind.

The still functioning Pan Galactic Pyramid Selling Scheme.

That will take all the powers of St George, St Patrick, St David & St Andrew to skewer, but if you want to see freedom anytime soon, skewered it must be.

Heads up.


  1. RVM:

    Do vote for your mates
    Do vote for someone that you can physically walk round to (see above for reason)
    Do vote for anyone who is not a psychopath
    Do put yourself up for election
    Do promote a message of hope and reality
    Do tell your potential constituents that they have the power to turn the lights back on if they start the process with you now
    Do bring forward the message on strong families, localness, small state government and world unity from the individual up not the other way round.

    Do not vote for anyone who has not lived in your constituency.
    Do not vote for anyone who will move out of your constituency.
    Do not vote for anyone with more than one residence.
    Do not vote for anyone without full command of the Queen’s English
    Do not vote for anyone with any other income other than MPs salary.
    Do not vote for any dual national.

    Good advice.

  2. Scunnert,

    glad to be of service.

    It's a work in progress so in my haste forgot to add

    Don't vote for anyone with a Swiss bank account. Ironically good advice from Uncle Joe!!!!!



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