Friday 28 August 2009

Forget Bloodgate we've got Traitorsgate.

Some more stating of the obvious.

It should be obvious by now that we have traitors in our midst.

“What proof can you offer?” I hear you jeer.

Well if you go up far enough in the chain of command you’ll find that the guys that have ordered our troops to die in Afghanistan are Taliban fan.

Remember who started it all in the first place Obama’s mate Zbig. It’s just like Vietnam; both sides are being played out of Rock/Roth HQ.

At home Brown is stealing from the weak again.

Now if we look at Brown closely I’ll put that in context.

Let’s go to another place and time. An Ocker media mogul is having a word in the Broon shell like and the gist is “Mate, I’m not bloody paying a red cent in tax to your fucking treasury, you Poms can go fuck yourselves. I want complete tax immunity since my new Chink Sheila’s costing me a fortune. Ooh I’ve got a right hard on bend over Jock clown, butt welding time!!!!!” “Aye your greatness, anything you say”

See now that puts you in the picture, hard men!!!!

Only traitors would snatch benefits from our wounded troops.

Now with more USofA troops headed into Af/Pak there are some further questions to be mused.

In a previous posting I asked the following, just how much does it cost to run a C17?

I don’t know but if you run a fleet it must be a shed load of cash.

If your year end accounts are coming up around Sep 30th, end US fiscal year, and there’s a massive clang as the world cannot ignore the fact that you are a pimpin’ bum with no cash taking up the top floor in the Waldorf, well your arse will be skidding down the street pronto. USofA troops in Afghanistan will find themselves fucked. Ditto UK troops.

I won’t even bother to go along the route of who actually owns the C17s or any other aircraft that might fly stuff in and out. The true owners might decide to park them in Tierra del Fuego and put sand in the tanks. It’s theirs
after all.

To any trooper going into Afghanistan I’d recommend on the flight out read Xenophon’s Anabasis for God’s sake, I hope you don’t need it but I fear you will.

A gloomy picture I’ll admit but once we realise that European culture is the youngest culture on planet earth and that we are under attack then we should be able to pick ourselves up and go on the offensive again.

Why have we forgotten that we are under attack, well for 50 years in the last century we lead pilled every last one of our leadership. They knew who was out to get us and once they were removed we were wide open. Older cultures with intact leadership structures could start their move on our territory.

Prize territory it is too and it is coveted by those who live in, well, shit heaps.

Sorry North America you are not a culture, merely occupied real estate. You guys have no chance of cohesive resistance and your main threat comes from Europe ironically.

So two things to remember when it comes to voting time.

1. Troops out and home now.

2. Any traitor that starts talking about us taking more immigration tell them to go fuck themselves.

Heads up.

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