Tuesday 25 August 2009

Reviving the ancient mysteries, works for me!!!!

OK I’m back, there are blue flashing lights everywhere and if I’d seen this yesterday I would have stayed indoors.


The one I took on went down without any trouble though.

I had a great idea last night, I thought if the Romans could do it so could I.

It’s getting harder and harder to try and make sense of what’s going on. I can sense that there is something BIG coming at us through the fog and the smoke screens lit by the disinfo agents, but what is it?

That’s when I lit on the idea of examining cow’s entrails to discern the future.

Head out pre dawn, erect an altar, get your beast, pop it on the altar and stick in the knife.

It seemed friendly enough; I wonder if UC is serious? It made a lot of noise though; I think that’s what tipped off the lead pill pharmacy.

Took a lot of heaving to get the bugger on the altar, and would it stay on its back!!! Finally tent pegged its ears to the ground and roped the rear end to the landie.

So what did I glean from the entrails, well quite a lot actually.

Mandelbrot has been surgically enhanced to increase his fucking us over rate; the prostate thingy was a cover story for the grafting on of another knob.

Brown is in deep briefing sessions to get him to recant his MKUltra training. His alter is now reactionary fascists resistance fighter doomed to glorious Pyrrhic victory. It was either that or his handlers had to lead pill him. No suitable replacement could be found. That’s why he’s gone underground.

Darling is going to a bad place very soon, and will not be heard from again.

Barak Obama has only got a few days left before he finds that his owners want him to start the process of killing off millions. He’s got the shitty end of the stick, and he thought he was going to go down in history as somebody!!!!! Hubris, he’s got the Nero complex and the Medusa touch and his handlers will deploy him effectively.

Putin will surprise by actually being competent at his job, though even he cannot stave off the coming doom.

This year’s X-factor will be won by a…not telling I’m off down the bookies before it all goes pear shaped.

Now then what other tasty items have I got in my Chinese edition of “Roman Ritals and Cremonies, beggers guide”?

Heads up.

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