Wednesday 12 August 2009

Tamiflu, Typhoons and Famines

Remember the Soviet ideologically engineered famines in the Ukraine? ? ?

Now you know why that fat troughing NAZI/SOVIET Minstry of Truth Fartfest Charles Clarke didn’t think you should know any history.

Watching the local news here last night and the euphemistical brain cold, no swine flu here, one of the side effects noted for Tamiflu is that young people might chuck themselves from high places!!! Sweet. Never any side effects from the weaponised chemistry sets only the food of the gods.

Again just an observation from the local news. Typhoons cause more chaos than earth quakes. Two big shakes, and apart from halting the bullet trains a while, no damage to my chum the beer vending machine. A typhoon and roads swept away by lots of rain, and a lots of drownings.

Back to UK plc and some industrious twat has been digging up figures about how much UK plc can feed itself. Apparently under the Nazi/Soviet our ability to sustain life and limb has tumbled since 1997.

Two points.

1. No one actually knows how many lives and limbs are actually in the UK plc so that torpedoes the so called Minstry of Truth fiatgures.

2. Even if UK plc could feed itself ten times over, if the people with ALL the FUKKIN’ MONEY buy what’s in our fields on the market and then ship it over seas to their tables heaving with all that they can buy with REAL FUKKIN’ MONEY, then all the lives and limbs in UK plc will STARVE.

GOT THAT!!!!!!.

Remember the 18th cen. Irish potato famine. Remember the 1940s Bengal famine.

I think I posted this ages ago but it’s worth it again. The value chain for tokens is

Tax Credits, Luncheon vouchers, SuperMarket Vouchers, Pounds in your pocket, Government Bonds, Precious Metals.

So you get yourself down Heathrow as the last shipment of Asparagus is being airfreighted out of UK plc and wave as many of the NAZI/SOVIETS tax credits in the air as you like, pleading for sustenance. The asparagus will be gone to the laden dining tables of the rich and competent who don’t live in a starving service economy. They got REAL PHUKKIN’ MONEEEEEEE!!!!!

You’ll get gunned down in a Lead Pill Pharmacy Tax Credit Deactiviation Scenario. (Coping Strategies 101 LPP advanced practitioners course. CP 2010)

Now those of you who know your history will see a way out of this and that segues nicely into another UK plc story of the past endwoch. I’ll leave that to simmer though.

Heads up.

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