Monday 17 August 2009

Spirit of '68? Don't make me puke.

Where are the shouty meist bad tempered full of crap faux liberationistas now!!!!!

If you tried to make a clown your second wife there would be burning elastin everywhere however if your an Aussie clown it's OK if your an Afghan Taliban.

If you tried to pass legislation statuting rape there would be letter bombs in your mail, though not if you’re an Afghan Anti Taliban.

If you made it compulsory to wear a sack in the bath you’d be gunned down in the street, but not if you are Council Taliban.

If you practiced genital mutilation there would be blood on the streets, not if you are a Taliban Fan.

If you dropped depleted uranium you’d be up Neuremburg Stylee, but not on the non Taliban Clan.

Where are they? Why are these clowns so quiet now?

Well they were put up to it and they were full of shit. If any one of them opened their tenured gobs now they’d be cast into the abyss and wouldn’t be back on Kirsty ME ME ME ME Wark’s wank fest after Friday Newsnight ever again.

Heads up.

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