Sunday 16 August 2009

Kamikaze, Nazi doodle bug pilots, Soviet penal battalions and.....

Now I don't know why this comes back to mind but when I first read it I thought that something stank.

Totalitarian regimes demand suicide missions, we leave our fighters to deal with this in the privacy of their own conscience and meditation. They alone know what's what. Sorted.

3 April 2007 LONDON - Royal Air Force pilots were asked by a senior RAF official to consider flying so-called “kamikaze” flights as part of the war on terror, the British defence ministry confirmed on Tuesday.Air Vice-Marshal David Walker did not, however, say he would order his crews on suicide missions, a spokesman for the ministry stressed, saying that Walker was instead simply posing a scenario for pilots to think about.According to The Sun tabloid, Walker told air crews at a conference on Monday: “Would you think it unreasonable if I ordered you to fly your aircraft into the ground in order to destroy a vehicle carrying a Taleban or Al Qaeda commander?”...“As part of a training exercise, he wanted them to think about how they, and their commanders, would react, faced with a life and death decision of the most extreme sort — for example terrorists trying to fly an aircraft into a British city being followed by an RAF fighter which suffers weapons failure,” the spokesman said.

Notice the lad doesn’t seem to be anywhere near the fighting these days.

Though control of what comes through Ramstein from Afghanistan in coffins, body bags and litters would seem appropriate for him. Keeps the body count low and hidden.

He’ll want to ban parachutes and ejection seats next as counter productive to moral. Oh and I’ll bet the great big spreadsheet will agree and give him an incentive payment for execution of the idea.

Don’t phekkin’ laugh what else causes the madness that you deal with in daily life?


Anyway I’ll bet we are dealing with a Common Purpose honours grad. He smells like the kind of clown pushing the boundaries of leadership crap.

He’ll get the body count up in Afghanistan no worries watch his career fly!!!!.

Don't get me started on leadership!!!

Heads up.

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