Thursday 13 August 2009

You and me, we've got a problem. We're bastards.

The great nations that were the bulwark against NaZovism in the last century have been placed in the most incredible position.Their democratic model is illegitimate.

How can a man who cannot produce his birth certificate lay claim to the office of the President of the USofA?

How can a man who never asked the British electorate for a mandate occupy No10 Downing Street?

The answer to both these questions is that they are both being run by NaZoviets. Check the advisers to both administrations to find a role call of the people terminators. These two pimples on the backside of Satan’s pump pimp are internationalist bitchboys who’d sooner whore their nations to the One World than actually do something for the occupants of the nations they should be serving.

This is a very serious matter for not only are these guys illegitimately wielding authority over us and selling us out, they are making we the electorates of these nations illegitimate in our wielding of sovereignty.

Look at this tally of waste of spacers. Clinton, sold out US tech to the ChiComs and let Israel infest the US body politic. Israeli spy networks worked assiduously to filch even more US tech to flog off to the highest bidder. Oh he also liked his cock sucked on the Oval office by a Mossad operative. Bush stole the 2000 election using rigged voting tech and then let the NeoCons con the USofA into war crimes. Obama surrounded by genocidal NaZoviets.

Thatcher run by NaZoviets though she broke control God bless her. John Major, ice tongs for the furnace of folly, held the fort until the A-Team was assembled. Blair/Brown the top political Spetznas team designed to take the UK down. Allowed the infiltration of UK plc by waves of rent seeking aliens. Tax credits scams speciality of foreigners helped into the UK by MPs and MP’s spouses through their legal chambers. They stole our civil liberties and commited war crimes all for their internationalist agenda to please the NaZoviets running them.

Don’t snigger it’s our fault. Anyone looking in from Indonesia, Bolivia, Nigeria or Mongolia must reckon we are a bunch of spastic plastic retards with no right to wank on about civil liberties, human rights and a democratic deficit when all we’ve done is allow a bunch of psychobabling foamingbaboonbrained degenerate eugenicists get into power over and over again.

It is our fault.

We can stop it thankfully.

Study the rigourous voting methodology.

RVM Addendum. Do not vote for anyone with overseas/Swiss bank accounts.

Heads up.


  1. ID Card is in the mail - so no worries.

  2. Scunnert,

    we're all on the red lorry, yellow lorry lists.

    Just like William Wallace.

    Welcome to our gory bed.

    Heads up.


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