Friday 14 August 2009

River deep mountain high along the 38th parallel your all gonna die.

Back from my day visiting Mikasa and the environs of Yukosuka Naval Base. HIJMS Mikasa 15,200 tons of Barrow in Furness’ best circa 1902AD. Our daddies new how to put things together in those days!!!!

On the way there and back I played one of my favourite games. What’s the price of petrol in this country? Lo and behold it’s around the 70p a litre mark. Quelle surprise!!!!! In a country with not a drop of the liquid gold. Why is it no matter where I pitch up, no matter how little fossil fuel the locals have, no matter how difficult it is to transport the refined product there, no matter what god forsaken hole I’m in, nonleaded is always cheaper that in Blighty?

This matter is important.

For as I mentioned in another post, when all food is on the market you can starve amidst plenty. Nonleaded is a lesson that we ignore at our peril. A country awash with fossil fuels and it’s got expensive energy!!!! Don’t give me any market clearing rate pish. California’s energy market was rigged by Enron’s market machinations, part of the evidence for that got vaped in WTC7.

Markets are machines tuned for thievery.

So cast your peepers at these two stir crazy stupid looking shit for brains.,8599,1843207,00.html

Now I’m just going to do a bit of behavioural economist crap here and nudge you in the general direction of the question you are already framing, and it’s got everything to do with walls.

Heads up.

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