Saturday 8 August 2009

Soviet Tree Hugging Show Trials benefit Nazi Polar Bears

Been parked here in MC1 for the past week now and enjoying every minute of the stay, not too warm yet, rainy season still here.

I have struck up a fine friendship with a vending machine near the JR station here, I give it 400Y or so and it gives me a 1litre can of ice cold Kirin lager. Oh boy, life is sweet. No FIT, PCSOs or other assorted LPP ready to take me down as a menace to society. Nobody tattling on me to the local council, no eye in the sky watching my every move. Just me trundling up hill keeping myself lubed and cool on the way home.

On the beer front here I’m still too early for the Aki beer which is my favourite, 6%abv. Keeps an even buzz on in the long balmy evenings as the local insect life trys to make a meal of you. The usual Asahi/Kirin etc. runs at 5.5%abv, however Kirin have shoved HARD7 7%abv on the shelves since my last visit, sweet. That kicks and though nowhere near UK electric soup will do very nicely.

So what with the beer, bullet trains and oriental sweeties swishing around in their kimonos your correspondent’s mind has turned to the Sovietisation of life in the UK.

A couple of items that spring to mind are the number of families of East European lineage who “somehow” got themselves into UK immediately after the end , or near abouts, of WWII. Now they’ve got into the UK politics milarky in a big way “immediately off the boat” as it were.

I posit that this is the continuation of a family trait. I also posit that these families must have been deep into Soviet/East European political foment in the early part of the 20th century.

I ask the question. Which agencies were they active in? CHEKA? OGPU? GESTAPO? SOVIET? NAZI? For as anyone who’s been up infront of an HR interview for a job will know HR want to know about what you were like in the past as this is a major indicator of how you’ll perform in the future. Getting the picture yet?

Have a look at these two beauties.

Daily life in the Soviet Union: Katherine Bliss Eaton

esp. Chapter 3 Government and Law

The concept of socialist law: Christine Sypnowich

Esp p46 onwards

My interest is most immediately concerned with the “Show trials” and my contention that these types of activities will give us a warning of when we can expect our NAZI/SOVIETS to strike. Well bugger me with a pitch fork they’ve been at it for some time and it’s good bye trial by jury, hello cyber courts at an LPP near you. Just hand over the cash.

More tellingly we see the same frame ups of the type used by Stalin and his mates being used against anyone sticking their noses into the Global Warming/Carbon Ponzi Scheme. They cannot change their methods, we’ll be getting visited by the Lead Pill Pharmacy in the early hours very soon, dragged off into the night to stand in front of a dolphin & tree friendly show court and lead pilled out in the woods somewhere. Just like Katyn Wood.

I ask these questions since if you cast your steady gaze over words like these

“The man Schellenburg sent to Iran to prepare secret landing sites and conduct the commandoes to Tehran was Major Walter Shultz of the eastern section of the Abwehr who would travel under the alias of a Swiss businesman. This would be his second mission in Iran. Shultz was really a member of the Soviet OGPU and his real name was Ilya Svetlov who had been infiltrated into Germany in 1928 assuming the identity of the real Shultz who had emigrated to the area around Baku in Russia with his father prior to WW1. The father had been killed fighting for the Bolshevicks and the son married and stayed in the USSR. The supposed son who knew the real son returned in 1928 to live with his uncle a well connected man. Shultzs application for the Nazi party was signed by Hess. To cut a long and interesting story short Shultz informed the OGPU of the plot which was confirmed from other sources. The Soviet OGPU commander in Tehran was Maj-Gen. Vassili Pankov who was informed when the Ju52 with an assasination squad would be arriving and the drop coordinates. The plane was intercepted by a Soviet fighter squadron and after appearing to accept directions to land was shot down when it veered suddenly towards the Turkish frontier. German sympthisers were rounded up and taken to the Soviet garrison at Kazvin. There is no mention in this variant of British involvement. Roosevelt moved into the Soviet compound believing that a second attempt was possible, if it was the British who were well informed about the assasination attempt it would make more sense to rely on them but who knows.”

This is a summary of p150-154 The Road to Berlin, John Erickson, Weidenfeld and Nicolson, 1983.

Deep cover NAZI/SOVIETS hiding in each others beds.

So these types of guys were allowed into UK, and USofA. What were they and their families doing then, before they arrived? What are their offspring up to in our legislatures?

I think we can guess. I believe these people are continuing the practice of Political Ponerology in new pastures. Our pastures.

Heads up.


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