Thursday, 30 July 2009

NWO take down, this is the bit in the movie when the SENTINELS gun down the beasties in the tunnels

Voting for Britain.

I love the way the MSM denies that there is anything other than their lovely Andy Pandy fairy tail reality as the highly remunerated teleskins regurgitate the oft rehearsed newsfish into the craws of the minions. Remember in the 1980’s the MSM wouldn’t stop banging on about retiring at 55 and what to do with your leisure time in retirement. As soon as they started that I knew we’d die in harness.

Do you also remember when British industry was “overmanned” and yet one lonely newscaster could handle a whole bulletin of 30 mins with nothing more than fresh breath and a command of the Queens English. Now a days there is no British industry but it takes herds of superbly coiffured wordmingers to handle a dead cat up a ziggurat story.

And I love how the supposedly nonMSM keep getting us ready for annihilation any minute now.

If the NWO and RockRoth were really so evil and ingenious then we’d ALL be phekkin’ dead by now.

RothRock would have the unspoilt beaches in the Maldives all to themselves again and could get back to working out the fucking of which cousin or sibling was likely to preserve the continuity of the gene pool most effectively. Man no wonder they’re so ugly.

That is not to deny that they have a plan, and a fine plan at that, for they have nothing much else to think about once they’ve decided where to park their knobs. However that plan is usually criminal, not terminal, in its scope. They love to steal things from us all the while using their agents to convince us that something else to our benefit is really going on.

Go on look at their agents.

Imperator Antonius, turncoat jeevil jangler.

The Mandelbrot Set, parcel forced overnight spunk spewer.

Dark Force, the MKUltra’d product of an unnnatural union ‘tween a mobile totem pole and an antisyren.

The WhiteHouse Wahabiist, uncertified damaged shining slaving son.

Angela Merkel, most likely an affront for the Teutonic Zionists.

Any leader of any flavour of monotheistic shamanic goonslavering arsebanditering skunkknockering. Total shit stirrin’, life killin, mother fukin’, lie spillin, me me me me shouty meist never short of good wine and pimpin’ phekkwitz.

And that’s just to illustrate but a few.

Oh they’ll send of your progeny to be killed for nothing at the shake of a lamb’s tail of course, but they’d be desolated if we all suddenly upped and died on them.

What would these psychopathic freaks do with their time? There’d be no one to get all autoerotic in front of. They’d be lonely gazing at their gorgeous androgynous bodies in their naked mind mirrors.

So here’s a plan to get rid of the phekkers from our lives, more specific this is a special plan for the Pirate Ship UK plc. Others can take a general plan and tune it to local conditions.

On every occasion that you get to vote


I don’t care if you end up voting for an Ullapool couch worrier wearing rotating and non rotating incontinence pants; your objective is to secure a small space on the deck of the pirate ship with people you know. People that you can walk round to and punch on the nose if they turncoat on you.


  1. Do vote for your mates
  2. Do vote for someone that you can physically walk round to (see above for reason)
  3. Do vote for anyone who is not a psychopath
  4. Do put yourself up for election
  5. Do promote a message of hope and reality
  6. Do tell your potential constituents that they have the power to turn the lights back on if they start the process with you now
  7. Do bring forward the message on strong families, localness, small state government and world unity from the individual up not the other way round.

  1. Do not vote for anyone who has not lived in your constituency.
  2. Do not vote for anyone who will move out of your constituency.
  3. Do not vote for anyone with more than one residence.
  4. Do not vote for anyone without full command of the Queen’s English
  5. Do not vote for anyone with any other income other than MPs salary.
  6. Do not vote for any dual national

This is a work in progress and there are some caveats; the most obvious see immediately below.

Some special conditions

1. When your candidate is returned successfully, make sure their staffers have passed the above conditions as well. No more small family businesses allowed on MPs expenses etc.

Some tests you will need to master to apply the above successfully.

  1. The “How to spot a psychopath” test.
  2. The “How to spot a complete waste of space” test
  3. The “How to spot an ALTER” test.
  4. The “How to ward off NLP and MKUltraing” method/self test

Remember this is a message of hope. You must be careful when tuning into the altMSM, too much of it is COINTELPRO designed to depress and demotivate you.

Remember our forefathers were tested by tougher times and got through. We have it easy.

Heads up and stick ‘em in the eye.