Saturday, 29 August 2009

Blueberry smoothies. Mercury time!!!!

I'll get back to the fuckwitz in shades later because as I was wondering around Man Widdicombe’s lovely piece of cyberspace when this heaved into view and got me thinking.

UN eh? That would be these guys.



Oh fuck it just start here and just keep digging

By their deeds shall yee know them. Check out this to see what's been pumped into everyone in their vaccination programmes, and this is before you start digging into murky stuff like AIDS, these guys now have mandate to enforce mass vacination globally.

The UN. You might dodge our lead pills but our death jabs will get you.

Grooming us for NWO take down. Sanctimonious crap spewing two faced commie bastard foundation bitchboys.

Oh and have you noticed a strange GGT/UN synergy?

I just noted that when C.Boorman & E. McGregor had screamed over the horizon on their bikes within the year trouble flared. Other GGT programs with UN interest seem to do the same.

Heads up.

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